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gonia · 2013-12-31: 16:10
how beautiful, this image gives way to much imagination. Beautiful.
thank you very much . I love watching the sea very much.Best wishes in New Year! Maggie
borogovoi · 2013-02-01: 16:05
Such a beautiful place. Thanks for taking us via your shots.
You are very kind Karman...Thank you very much !
Lsample · 2013-02-01: 13:13
Reply ⇔ Too Far
Wonderful capture, I too have decided that more lens is in order. Looking now.
Have not been out to see the moon in several weeks; the curse of being a student.
Thank you!
Patricia132 · 2013-01-13: 11:52
Reply ⇔ See you soon!
Beautiful eyes, very mischevious
Thank you and yes, she is sometimes! :)
ArtBee · 2013-01-13: 11:09
Reply ⇔ Back In Black
wow! how beautiful I look forward to trying this (if you don't mind) the little statute made me smile
Thanks Karman, glad you like this style of Photography. I added a few hints on this post, hope they help....:)
PEikenberg327 · 2013-01-13: 10:52
Welcome. beautifully captured. The best advice I can share is advice given to me right here on Photoblog. Shoot what your heart sees beyond what Your eyes show you & you will be a wonderful photographer. Love the first one.
Thank you!! and I look forward to seeing how my skills advance over time!!
Ejrodriguez · 2013-01-13: 06:29
beautiful, love the 2nd capture.
aww thanks ;)
NellyBly · 2013-01-12: 22:48
lovely, #9 fav
Thanks Karman :-))
girafferacing · 2013-01-12: 17:03
Beautiful expression
Thank you Karman :-)
va000119 · 2013-01-12: 13:24
va000119 sounds good to me. :-))