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Warm Glow

Today was supposed to be "Mess".....I couldn't do it. I HATE messes. If there's a mess it must be straightened and I don't want to look at it, much less photograph it. I was on the lookout for messes all day and didn't find any, so I spilled out my colored pencils and markers on my drawing table and those photos were just a hot mess in and of themselves, so I bring you this loveliness that I took earlier in the week. Since we had the time change I had a few extra minutes after my Monday riding lesson ended to grab my camera and enjoy and capture the sunset light rather than just get sideways glances at it while kid/pony juggling. The sun on the tall grasses was so warm and pretty and I was really pleased with my little point and shoot for capturing it so admirably. :)
On the walk back up to the barn I saw the little armadillo. He wasn't real concerned with me and let me get pretty close before the horses approaching from the other side convinced him to scoot off and look for bugs elsewhere.
kmack Living in Texas you would think I have seen a million armadillos, but I have still never seen one. Love the pic!
kmack · 2010-03-19: 00:10
darfoster Wow, great! I really like the second one and seeing the armadillo is fun, as we don't have anything like that in my neck of the woods!
darfoster · 2010-03-19: 00:30
????? Hahahha...mess huh? cute..:-) btw, the set is
stunning!!! Bravo!!!
????? · 2010-03-19: 02:01
????? the composition in #2 is fantastic. i like how the sun peeps, and not having to get the rest of the picture overexposed.
????? · 2010-03-19: 03:24
critterbug Great; I especially like the sun shining through the tall grass.
critterbug · 2010-03-19: 07:40
????? Oh awesome!
????? · 2010-03-19: 07:57
????? I love them all. When I lived in Texas, most of the armadillos I saw were splattered on the highway. I like your photo much better.
????? · 2010-03-19: 09:27
????? Lovely set, especially the second. I like the composition with just a touch of the sun.
????? · 2010-03-19: 10:41
wildduck Awesome set!
wildduck · 2010-03-19: 10:58
JordiJoan Fantástico trabajo !!!
JordiJoan · 2010-03-19: 17:11
lookagain Oh my armadillo....very cool!! Not many of us see that sight very often! Great set....!!!
lookagain · 2010-03-19: 19:14
MoMac WoW TFS I've never seen a real one before. great shot.
MoMac · 2010-03-20: 09:52
Ratcher Nice armadillo!! ;) great set! :)
Ratcher · 2010-03-23: 14:22
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