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So What the hell do I shoot with?

Lets start a new topic - Photo Technicalities - A Tuesday post.

I'll go into some boring tech details about photography and tech suff i use and have... and explain why i use that equipment.

For those of you who wonder what I do to get the pictures I do... here is a short rundown of my equipment:

Main Camera - Canon EOS 20D with a collection of lenses

I chose the EOS series on a single ground. Cost. When i got my first Digital EOS, it was a bargain (EOS 300D for £349), and it gave me a gateway into the system and how to use and expand on it. The 20D was secondhand and an equal bargain, and thus my weapon of choice.

Typically, I have a trio of lenses that i carry with me daily - a 50mm, a 20mm and a 28-105mm lens. This gives me most shooting categories i need for day to day photography.

I carry around budget to medium price glass, purely to cover ranges I need (for example 70-210, 19-35, 18-55 and a 135 mid-telephoto)

I'll be rationalising some of the glass shortly as I'm now getting overlaps... and some of the glass isn't the greatest in the world.

Primes vs Zooms will be a discussion topic for another day. My shopping list is pretty full still, with an L series lens in the pipeline.


A *lot* of people deride camera phones for being too soft, too flaky, too cheap. If you can live with those, and accept you'll get candid shots you wouldn't get otherwise, they can be a very powerful tool.

I've got both a HTC Wizzard (Known here as an O2 XDA MiniS... by no means preferred, but if I'm desperate....) and a Nokia N80 (which sensor and images knock out a good punch)


I am an advocate of Adobe Lightroom. To make it workable, I use it on my iBook (running the PowerPC version). I tend to find its auto exposure, and correction tools are a bit more acceable than Adobe Camera RAW. The PC Version is definitely a kludge, and way to slow. In a studio enviorment, LightRoom on a Mac is very fast, and does the job i need it to do - process pictures on the fly.

Other stuff

I retain a Canon EOS 300 (35mm film) for when I want to be creative. This is nomally loaded with 35mm black and white film.

My other "toy" is a Holga 120S. Now this is a *very* interesting camera (if the word can be used). An all plastic body, plastic lens, plastic everything. Even the reel is plastic.. the shutter might be metal.

So obviously its a pile of tosh. Nope. See this.

I hope to have some scans of the equipment up tomorrow


1 - EOS 20D with the 20mm attached
2 - A collection of glass in my lens bag (now cleaned out after the USA...)
3 - the Nokia N80 - 3 Megapixels of cameraphone goodness
4 - The Hogla - with blue electrical tape holding it together

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