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coyoteself · 2008-12-10: 07:12
Are those cranes? We have cranes here but most of them have flown south for the winter. I love the last shot.
Yep, those are cranes. I took the pictures at Bosque Del Apache ( http://www.fws.gov/southwest/refuges/newmex/bosque/index.html ) and it's possible this is where yours come for the winter
montyphotos26 · 2008-12-10: 01:11
montyphotos26 haha I was on the back of a boat. But being on a surf board or a piece of drift wood, would have made for a more interesting story.
ppinho · 2008-12-09: 17:15
Great quote to go with equally great picture. :)
I agree, the quote is great! ;) (thanks)
flipado · 2008-12-08: 12:32
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too funny! You must have strong legs!
... I guess... from playing soccer and running :)

flipado · 2008-12-08: 11:32 · Reply · Delete
Lynda · 2008-12-08: 05:00
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Just the fact you were at Heathrow means you were flying in or out of England--my favorite place! Great shots.
We flew to Prague and it was a beautiful city. I'll be posting shots from there for a couple of weeks.
mystic1 · 2008-12-08: 00:17
I really like your black and whites but number four is stunning!
I like that one too :) Thanks for your wonderful remarks
glennis · 2008-12-07: 18:06
Number seven is so pretty!
Thank you!
mariaps · 2008-12-07: 17:14
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Number three is the most interesting~
Thank you Kim. :)
CJLata · 2008-12-07: 16:09
Hi Cathrine,
Everyone looks great. Tell Mark I said hi!
Hi Kim, Thanks, I will.
tomie · 2008-12-07: 15:04
I like your golden shots and the last one makes me peaceful.
thank you Kim! peaceful and loveful! :))