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They're back!

My two children and I bought this bleeding heart for Brenda over 30 years ago, and it has made the move from that original flower bed to three others at the three other homes where we've lived.
For the last few years we've placed our geranium pots under the house or in the garage during the winter, and let them go dormant. In the spring, we cut back the old stalks and bring them outside and give them water again. Within a week, they show signs of new growth, and in six weeks, will be blooming heavily again!
Like old friends, these plants that we bought several years ago, show up to greet us about this same time every year! It's refreshing to see them again.
????? isnt gardening very rewarding? almost as rewarding as child rearing.....:-))
????? · 2010-04-04: 20:51
DancingDolphin You're 'ahead' of us for sure, my bleeding heart is barely poking out of the ground... such a great flower, nice!
DancingDolphin · 2010-04-04: 21:12
????? I think it's wonderful you have kept the same flowers for Brenda over the years. My uncle used to winter over his geraniums as well. Both bleeding hearts and geraniums are beautiful plants. Nice pictures of both.
????? · 2010-04-04: 21:39
jet28 And great to see - so full of promise :-)
jet28 · 2010-04-05: 02:48
mystic1 Wow very cool that they keep coming back nice capture
mystic1 · 2010-04-05: 03:11
Ole365 I can see that you're much more of a gardener than I am. It's incredible that they keep coming back with new life every spring. Nice shots.
Ole365 · 2010-04-05: 05:30
Lynda Gorgeous 1st shot. I have a dicentra in my garden but it's not flowering yet.
Lynda · 2010-04-05: 06:52
????? wonderful posts....made me smile...:)
????? · 2010-04-05: 10:23
BwannaDon Nice... I'm seeing a few plants revive around my home. Always an exciting time of year!
BwannaDon · 2010-04-05: 10:46
kellybee322 Nice shots! I love those bleeding hearts. They are so neat!
kellybee322 · 2010-04-05: 10:52
atszabo I have peonies from my Grandma, featured on 2009/05/10. That poor plant moved 5 times in the last 40 years, just about 10 days ago last. Hope it will make it just like Brenda's wonderful hearts!
atszabo · 2010-04-05: 11:26
jennye very nice!!
I put my geraniums in the garage for winter also.
jennye · 2010-04-05: 12:33
MoMac Very nice , look forward to seeing the geraniums in bloom.
MoMac · 2010-04-05: 13:01
SunFlower1990 Beautiful shots! Like #1.
SunFlower1990 · 2010-04-05: 13:42
djnana My heart smiled to see my bleeding hearts on your post. Familiar and lovely.
djnana · 2010-04-05: 16:17
NellyBly Love the color of those Bleeding Hearts! I save my geraniums also on the screened porch facing south..the cold got one this year though..Love to save ferns also..The best spring surprise I had was when we were building this house and I had put my plants in the storage shed..Opened the door that spring to new sprouts on them..I just thought they would be dead :-)
NellyBly · 2010-04-05: 21:45
lookagain Great shots and great stories....ahhhh, spring ;)))))
lookagain · 2010-04-05: 23:12
lynnsgallery2 Lovely set...I don't have a green thumb so I leave that to others and just take photos of flowers. Great post :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-04-06: 15:00
dontblink The azaleas are starting to bloom here, 91 degrees today:)
dontblink · 2010-04-06: 21:33
jtnelso You mean I didn't kill that bleeding heart years ago?? I used to pick the flowers off that thing in droves! Glad it's still around! I'll teach my kids how to pick them off for you.
jtnelso · 2010-04-09: 16:21
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