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Glimpse of Korea (9)

In the subway, obviously. As in Hong Kong, the subway in Seoul is incredibly efficient and clean. Returning to Paris, France, was very saddening in that aspect: the efficiency is there, but the property...
That kid was great ! All kids were having fun with the fountain, but he was just looking at them, puzzled. His parents were trying to persuade him to go have fun with the rest of the children, but he simply stood there. At the very instant I took the photo, I gave me that look ! I was so surprised ! So I know this is not a very good picture (for example, there is another kid behind the small one and that is definitely bothering >.< plus he's slightly blurry ;_;) but I love it anyway !
The same kid, still wondering whether he should participate to the fun or not ! In the end, he decided that it was not worth getting wet ! Seriously, this kid cracked me up ! (once again, not a perfect shot, he's to close to the left side of the frame)
Nope, still not done. I still have a lot of photos to share with you ! Sorry for those of you who are tired of it. But I had such a great time in Korea and Korean are such kind people, that I can't help the nostalgia, which makes me posting pictures of last summer :)

So, with this set, we're back in Seoul ! I spent the evening in a lively neighborhood, trying to catch interesting images. I found this place where fountain make kids (and photographers) very happy ^^ I had a lot of fun this night.
????? Encore de trés beaux portraits! Excellent!
????? · 2011-10-24: 12:55
josy63 J'attendais impatiemment la suite et là, je suis comblée
J'adore tes trois dernières photos, la perplexité de ce gamin et le contre-jour que tu as fait de lui. Quant à la dernière elle est amusante
josy63 · 2011-10-24: 13:01
Yokai Really nice set as always !! I like 2nd and the last the best.
You discovered many things in East Asia, didn't you? I understand tt is exciting to see new people, culture, food and so on. Traveling gives us a lot of fun !!
Yokai · 2011-10-25: 03:19
Arie Nice set and thanks for sharing.
Arie · 2011-10-26: 08:59
Clickpen Nice.
Clickpen · 2011-10-27: 18:36
laplumedemouette Oh oui il est craquant ce gamin :-)
laplumedemouette · 2011-10-28: 05:37
renatomartins Beasutiful set. #3 is great.
renatomartins · 2011-10-30: 05:38
giangi great gallery of portraits, I like them all, taking the last shot is great!
giangi · 2011-10-31: 07:19
kauphem haha loved the last one
kauphem · 2011-11-01: 06:16
meppol 3-4-5 are top shots! Tender, cute, irresistible!
meppol · 2011-11-10: 09:12
dalish don't apologize...they are Great...!
dalish · 2011-11-11: 03:05
mujay 5th is the best . for me . interesting shot.
mujay · 2012-02-01: 07:26
ponyvapep the last one is very funny
ponyvapep · 2012-04-24: 06:55
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