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Deja Vu Again

Does anyone remember "The Bike Fence"? I love this fence. I just think it's such a cool idea! In the spring the baskets on the bikes are filled with flowers.
Just a pond
Another pond. I actually think this is part of the bay that leaks inward. I don't really know how to explain.
I toyed with this one a little. A person has to experiment sometimes right? Clearly the neighbors want something done about this.
The bike fence in black and white. Should I darken this more? Or add more contrast or something? Seriously. Now that it's uploaded it doesn't look as crisp as it does in my image viewer. I hate when that happens.

I just adjusted the contrast. And cropped out some of the sky. I think it helped a little.
The last time I posted the bike fence it was later in the year. . . maybe April or May so the trees were fuller and it was sunnier. I will go back again when spring arrives.
djnana Fantastic set of shots, Girlfriend! You have it all in these -great composition, color and clarity. I love everything about #4!!
djnana · 2011-02-27: 22:07
ilikethat Great post, I like your revisits cause they are new to me. The bike fence is priceless I want one now but don't think my landlords would go for it. #4 is so awesome. sorry I can't help you on the last one I know nothing about that
ilikethat · 2011-02-27: 22:14
lookagain Love the bike fence - I'm going with the color version cause I like how the bikes stand out against the green. Best of set in my opinion though is #4....wow! Gotta enlarge...interesting shot with great color and depth!!!
lookagain · 2011-02-27: 22:34
????? remember the bike fence... very nice , all pictures :)
????? · 2011-02-27: 22:44
DancingDolphin The bike fence is awesome!

I think perhaps the problem with the b/w shot is that there is no true white. I'm not sure how to change, that depending on your editing program. If you have a "levels" histogram, make sure the histogram meets up with the white point slider. I also alway 'sharpen' my b/w's about 10 pts, they seem to get muddy easier than color shots.
DancingDolphin · 2011-02-28: 00:41
dalish I would keep the sky in it...maybe a bit more?? just my opinion..but LOVE the bike shot as it is already!
dalish · 2011-02-28: 02:34
noptek Beautiful post. I love the bicycle fence
noptek · 2011-02-28: 02:39
mystic1 Love the bike fence thats soo cool
mystic1 · 2011-02-28: 03:20
RayNvb I do remember this cool fence. It would make a great shot if you coped out the houses completely and over saturated the colors of the bikes. Try it! (If they have any color)
RayNvb · 2011-02-28: 04:26
????? I really like the colored bicycle photo! I think it's better than the b&w, and would love to see it again, together with some close-ups, when there are flowers in the baskets. If you have a laptop, tilt the screen back a little, and you'll have the contrast again! Here, the bikes or parts would for sure be stolen, but it has given me an idea for when we can build a playground at the school -- They could be cemented to the ground with poles, like a merry-go-round, in a way that the wheels would still go around, and the kids could play on them!
????? · 2011-02-28: 05:31
kblakes Love the bike fence, love the B&W, and you too! I do remember them.................
kblakes · 2011-02-28: 08:39
wfrnk :-)
wfrnk · 2011-02-28: 09:16
poshrat Everyone is commenting on the bike fence - so I'll say something about #4 - love the moody sky and the whole feel of the shot - and if I was Sam Buck I think I'd tell my neighbours to look in another direction then!! lovely set of shots
poshrat · 2011-02-28: 13:02
????? I have to agree, the bike fence is awesome. I would love to see it in spring with flowers and leaves on the trees. I do like the color one more, and out of the b&w I like the one with more sky, it's cool to see the various different trees in the background. I love #3 - the angle with the tree going over the pond, very pretty :)
????? · 2011-02-28: 13:55
jennye I love the fourth shot!! and the color version of the bikes. looking forward to seeing it with flowers blooming in the baskets!
great set!!!
jennye · 2011-02-28: 14:03
girafferacing I love that fence - what a fantastic idea! :-)
girafferacing · 2011-02-28: 15:32
finbarr Bike fence is brilliant !!
finbarr · 2011-02-28: 15:51
atszabo Yeah, I also remember the bike fence! What a unique thing to do!
atszabo · 2011-02-28: 16:42
plowboy Great shots, 2, 3 and 4 are awesome.
plowboy · 2011-02-28: 18:31
jlmphotos I love that building. Those gray clouds look menacing. Kinda wish it weren't cut off on the right.
But I love the colors, and the details.
jlmphotos · 2011-03-01: 15:18
????? I'm with Marsha, just love that bike fence :) I tried to do that with pogo sticks but it took hundreds!
????? · 2011-03-02: 13:12
MARETKA88 wow these are really some cool shots....love the colors in #2-3-4...and the bike fence is so cool
MARETKA88 · 2011-03-03: 14:01
????? Very nice!
????? · 2011-03-04: 00:01
Unchained Oh, this is a fence?? What a great idea and perfect motive for good shots. A great set!!
Unchained · 2011-03-05: 04:58
jesuisanna great set !
jesuisanna · 2011-05-25: 08:20
borogovoi meraviglioso set....Great pictures Felicia !!!
;o) ciao
borogovoi · 2011-11-13: 13:40
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