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More Shots from Work

The Captains closed the Columbia River Bar last night. No ships coming in and no ships going out.

If anyone knows why, when I take a photo of my computer screen, it makes those little checkerboard lines or swirls, can you please tell me? And, is there anything I can do about it?

You can check the status of the Columbia River Bar any time by clicking HERE Although I don't think anyone would be nearly as interested in this as I am.
The Coast Guard ship "The Steadfast" out back of the office. I really took this to get the ship anchored underneath the ship lines but a coastie walked right into the shot.
So I waited for him to move and I zoooooomed.
This is the bottom of the walkway. I know the really green stuff is moss, but I forget what the lighter colored stuff is.

And, does this look not too bad for a close up? I'm just starting to try these. It's just as hard as I thought it would be.
(please enlarge)
I am going to try and catch up on all my buddies blogs as soon as the weekend is here. (Is it Friday yet??)
imdanchan really like the big 623 shot... shiny & colourful... while there is another one looming in shade in the background... nice
imdanchan · 2011-03-02: 21:44
mystic1 Wow fantastic post loveed reading the bar pilot status was interesting, loved #3
mystic1 · 2011-03-02: 22:09
????? I love it!!! It's yellow now, just so you know :0). So would it be all right if Barry came with me when I come to visit???? Cause I don't think we would be able to bring the girls....so Matt would have to stay home with them....and I really don't want to drive all that way by myself!
????? · 2011-03-02: 22:09
ilikethat very cool Felecia, I am on my weekend right now but it just got a day shorter I have to go back tomorrow now
ilikethat · 2011-03-02: 22:11
plowboy very nice shots, and the close up is very cool. I love the look of the ship in the distance in #3. :)
plowboy · 2011-03-02: 22:25
DancingDolphin 29 foot waves!!! I would have to accept McMommy's answer about the white stuff as I am as clueless as you on that one... but it sure is pretty!
DancingDolphin · 2011-03-03: 00:38
tomie great set! i saw your link and the photos...very impressive! have you try some shots of big waves?
last one is great!
tomie · 2011-03-03: 07:11
MoMac great set like the 2nd and 3rd is cool.
MoMac · 2011-03-03: 08:03
NellyBly Your posts always fascinate me..love#3
NellyBly · 2011-03-03: 10:37
borogovoi ...Wonderful the last one...!!!
borogovoi · 2011-03-03: 11:58
jennye These are great Felecia! I love #3 and 4.
jennye · 2011-03-03: 12:52
MARETKA88 These are great...love the last one...effer !!
MARETKA88 · 2011-03-03: 13:11
tracyseeger Love #3 (worth the wait!), and you're doing great with the close ups too :)

The lines in your first shot are something to do with the way LCD screens work I think. The camera is more sensitive than our eyes, so we don't see it. To avoid it in photographs you need to use either a faster or slower shutter speed (sorry can't remember which it is). Try experimenting until they disappear!
tracyseeger · 2011-03-03: 15:05
poshrat Great set - and I also think the last one is really lovely.
poshrat · 2011-03-03: 19:19
????? Yes, it's Friday :) cool shots
????? · 2011-03-04: 05:46
davidcardona Great concept!
davidcardona · 2011-03-04: 06:25
Eiram wonderful set...and comments...especialy the one (you know which I mean:)))
Eiram · 2011-03-04: 12:06
wfrnk Love #3... :-)
wfrnk · 2011-03-05: 13:36
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