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Happy Birthday (((((Lizzie)))))!!!!!

This is my sister Elizabeth, Lizzie, Liz, Lizard-Legs (sorry honey).
It is her birthday and I love her very much. She is a very warm and special person.

I hope your birthday is WONDERFUL Liz!
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. It is a cell phone pic and very small
MARETKA88 Happy Birthday Lizard Legs.....Blame it on your sis !!!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-05-11: 22:04
MARETKA88 Yes you can be amazing girl!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-05-11: 22:06
darfoster Happy Birthday Liz! Your sister is a great gal, even if she reveals your favorite(?) nicname! That's what sisters are for! LOL!
darfoster · 2011-05-11: 22:09
ilikethat happy birthday Liz
ilikethat · 2011-05-11: 22:19
Patricia132 Happy Birthday LIZZY LIZARD~
Nice pic!
Patricia132 · 2011-05-11: 22:21
Derek Happy Birthday Liz! Wish we would see you soon.
Love Derek
Derek · 2011-05-11: 22:32
joycephotography Lizard legs, amazing how something that I'm sure started as a child is still brought up now. You have a good looking sister.
joycephotography · 2011-05-11: 22:33
liveandletlive Yes, she (Liz) is a very pretty lady!
liveandletlive · 2011-05-11: 22:40
Keryl Ah, you are so sweet Felecia....lizard-legs and all.
Keryl · 2011-05-11: 22:41
MARETKA88 Oh and dont tell anyone ITS FEEBS BIRTHDAY TOMORROW........whoops shhhhhhh!!!! "Shaggie" "Wasn't me"
MARETKA88 · 2011-05-11: 22:45
lookagain Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!!! Sweet sister you are to remember her on PB, Felecia ;)))
lookagain · 2011-05-11: 22:50
djnana Strong family resemblances in this shot - you both have that delicate bone structure that makes aging a non-issue! And congratulations and happy day to you, too, Girlfriend.
djnana · 2011-05-11: 23:24
mallusatish You have a amazing sister,Happy birthday Lizzie!!
mallusatish · 2011-05-11: 23:33
smbunation A very, very happy birthday to Lizzie!
smbunation · 2011-05-11: 23:49
????? Yes, Liz is her TWIN!!! Happy happy birthday Aunt Lizzie and MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!
????? · 2011-05-12: 00:41
????? Okay -- I'm confused. I saw a Happy BD post to YOU and posted one as well. Are you twins?
????? · 2011-05-12: 00:42
lmxg2011 if you are twins happy birthday to both you...if only one of you has a birthday well happy birtday to them....and what a great post well done
lmxg2011 · 2011-05-12: 01:40
peace4kidss send my greeting and best wishes for her and happy birthday
peace4kidss · 2011-05-12: 01:47
????? So nice! Happy birthday Lizzie!!
????? · 2011-05-12: 04:06
Ryana HAPPY B-DAY FEEBS as well!!!!
Ryana · 2011-05-12: 07:05
????? Feebs didn't want me to say it was her birthday, too, so thanks to whoever told! Our nicknames for her growing up for her were "Tiny"--she is--and our Dad called her "Witty"--cuz she was--is! She is a wonderful twin and friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINY!
????? · 2011-05-12: 08:34
Sissy iCheri Hey Lizzie: Happy birthday honey. You're card is in the mail. Don't they all say that. I love you
Sissy iCheri · 2011-05-12: 10:07
Unchained A bit late, but still from my heart, happy birthday to you two lovely girls.
Unchained · 2011-05-12: 10:36
jennye Happy Birthday to Lizzie!
....and Happy Birthday to you, Felecia!!!!!!!!!!!!
jennye · 2011-05-12: 10:53
NeeNee Hi dear Liz,
A very happy birthday to you and the person with whom you were born. Have a wonderful day and many happy, healthy years, both of you.
Love you both
NeeNee · 2011-05-12: 14:47
smbunation I just figured something out! So, Happy belated Birthday to you too, Felecia! =D
smbunation · 2011-05-12: 15:25
SADHYA There is a birthday greeting for you on my post.
Happy Birthday Lizard legs!
SADHYA · 2011-05-12: 16:05
borogovoi WoooW .... Happy Birthday !
borogovoi · 2011-05-12: 16:08
finbarr Happy birthday Feby !! and also Lizzie !!
finbarr · 2011-05-12: 17:49
tomie same words as "Unchained"!
happy birthdays to you!
tomie · 2011-05-12: 17:52
rdg23 Happy B-day to you both!
rdg23 · 2011-05-12: 18:58
***** Well, Mom, I'm going to have to say "screw your rule" cause I'll look like a total a-hole if I tell Aunt Liz happy birthday and not you. But the jokes on you anyway, cause I never tell anyone happy birthday, I say something along these lines: Dear Grandma, Congratulations on what I am sure was the very difficult, uncomfortable and painful task of carrying these two around and then ejecting them from your body. It was probably also not very much fun, but we're certainly glad you managed it (especially me, J, Secca, Erik, Justin, and Sean since we wouldn't be alive if it weren't for your accomplishment--and that doesn't even mention the 5 great grandkids that stemmed from the twins arrival (they're glad too, I'm sure)). I'd thank Grandpa too, for his contribution, but that's a little too weird, even for me. Love you! (and you too, mom and Lizzie)
***** · 2011-05-12: 21:53
mwbergeron01 Happy B-Day Liz and Felecia!
mwbergeron01 · 2011-05-13: 00:28
lyricalthoughts Happy birthday to your sister, feby! All the best! :)
lyricalthoughts · 2011-05-13: 03:41
Eiram Happy birthday to your sister!
Eiram · 2011-05-13: 04:21
wfrnk I'm confused. Hers and yours? Happy birthday! :-)
wfrnk · 2011-05-13: 09:38
ArtBee Happy Birthdays!
ArtBee · 2011-05-13: 11:38
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