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Cannon Beach- Haystack Rock

I'm sure I mentioned it before but Haystack Rock is the third largest sea stack in the world. It has been featured in many films, probably most memorably in The Goonies.
It was a beautiful day. Changing right before our eyes.
A belly shot. Because it is my favorite way to view the waves.
Can you believe this?!! My 49ers took down the undefeated Lions. . . until today! This is how I watch football because we don't have television The little red lines indicate yards run, completed passes, etc.

Still, I was literally jumping up and down on our sofa screaming and waving my laptop in the air.

It's (one of) the most WONDERFUL TIMES OF THE YEAR!!!!!
mwbergeron01 Wonderful shots of Haystack Rock! And great Belly shot of this wave! Us PBer's are lucky you share this rare view of the waves here, thanks.
mwbergeron01 · 2011-10-16: 20:32
jennyLit great set! #1 to my faves
jennyLit · 2011-10-16: 20:39
joycephotography Beautiful shots.
joycephotography · 2011-10-16: 20:49
unblinkingeye This set is amazing! The first 3 look magical. The wave is awesome and powerful. AND the 49ers won against the Lions! Great job Lecia:)

Could this be the greatest day of my life? ~ Homer Simpson
unblinkingeye · 2011-10-16: 21:03
SheriJ I don't watch much T.V. except for Nascar,Golf and Football!! I am watchng my Vikings taking a beating by the Bears :(... Yeah for your 9-ers!! Oh great shots too!! The waves are magnificent!
SheriJ · 2011-10-16: 21:10
poshrat added your waves to my favourites - don't understand football but glad you are happy with the result.
poshrat · 2011-10-16: 21:12
Clarinetchick Awesome set my dear! Except the last one, being from Michigan... ;) )
Clarinetchick · 2011-10-16: 21:14
digitalideas Awesme Felecia, Love them all going to my fav's lol Great Set
digitalideas · 2011-10-16: 21:23
DancingDolphin What an awesome place and you got some great shots, especially #2... I love the shallow part of the water in that shot!
DancingDolphin · 2011-10-16: 21:23
djnana The first photo just goes to show how much you have improved in your photographic life! Outstanding image - goes to my faves ('cause that was one of my favorite sites on our trip up the Oregon coastline)! These are all excellent, just like the 49ers!!!
djnana · 2011-10-16: 21:35
Yves51 awesome pics hard to pick a favorite well done...
Yves51 · 2011-10-16: 21:37
Paradoxigal Amazing shots Lecia! Absolutely stunning :) Congrats on the 49ers win :)
Paradoxigal · 2011-10-16: 21:59
smbunation So excited for the 9ers and Frank Gore [from Miami.] Lovely set by the way.
smbunation · 2011-10-16: 22:00
NellyBly #2 is so stunning my jaw just dropped. And love your unique way of shooting the waves..great shot..in my favs.
NellyBly · 2011-10-16: 22:31
RayNvb I love Haystack. And #1 is really great.
RayNvb · 2011-10-16: 22:49
lookagain Wow, the light was just fabulous for shooting!! You captured it beautifully, Feebs, especially in the first two....WOW shots!!! Fantastic angle on the waves....I can feel 'em coming right at me :))) Haha...never seen anyone watch a football game like that....hey, whatever works!!! Haven't been following football this yet, but if I'd watched the game I'd have DEFINITELY been rootin' for the 49ers!
lookagain · 2011-10-16: 22:50
Patricia132 Wonderful set .... such beauty and peace~ MAGNIFICENT!
Patricia132 · 2011-10-16: 23:20
yellodog Beautiful, especially the first one.
yellodog · 2011-10-17: 00:26
KelsieDejana Great wave pictures! esp. #1
KelsieDejana · 2011-10-17: 00:50
Arie Wonderful captures. Really admire the first ;-)
Arie · 2011-10-17: 01:35
Kovac first shot is awesome :) is it HDR?
Kovac · 2011-10-17: 01:53
mallusatish Beautiful images love the first,second and the belly shots,very nice~!~
mallusatish · 2011-10-17: 01:55
josy63 Superb and impressive set, Felicia, and the first one goes in my favorites
josy63 · 2011-10-17: 02:50
finbarr Superb shots !!
finbarr · 2011-10-17: 02:57
EvaLizette Beautiful reflections :))) Great set !
EvaLizette · 2011-10-17: 03:15
gerodu602 La 1 surtout est très belle.
gerodu602 · 2011-10-17: 04:39
SADHYA #2 is an outstanding shot. What a fantastic location. I would be there every day if I lived close enough!
SADHYA · 2011-10-17: 05:12
Gerad Extremely beautiful, no 1 my Fav !
Gerad · 2011-10-17: 05:58
mikaelraupach # 1 is awsome. thanks for sharing.
mikaelraupach · 2011-10-17: 06:24
????? that rock is wicked cool but my favorite picture is the waves. :))
i remember the good days when we didn't have television, internet, microwave lol. yeah. things were a lot simpler then. and better in a lot of ways.
????? · 2011-10-17: 07:19
wfrnk I'll stick with the rock, thanks... :-)
wfrnk · 2011-10-17: 08:42
Andrealolita Fantastic set!
Andrealolita · 2011-10-17: 09:11
breizh Very nice shots .
breizh · 2011-10-17: 09:26
urmysunshine um, how do you REALLY feel about the game??
urmysunshine · 2011-10-17: 11:07
davids I love the delicate tones of the big rock but one small annoyance.... the sloping horizon (it's a pet hate - sorry - really bugs me!) - straighten the horizon and #1 would be a fave. As for the football thing... there is a colleague of mine in London this week and he has extended his stay over next weekend because he has tickets to see the Chicago Somethings play the Tampa Bay Something-Elses at Wembley Stadium - he's from Chicago so this is a big thing.... apparently! :-)
davids · 2011-10-17: 11:41
tomie fantastic place, amazing rock!
tomie · 2011-10-17: 12:19
????? 2 is my fav! Nice set!
????? · 2011-10-17: 13:05
danrav #4 to my faves!!! NO TV??? Good for you!!!! I'm still waiting for a shot of the new shoes!!!
danrav · 2011-10-17: 14:01
Artal Love them, specially the first one that go to my favs!
Artal · 2011-10-17: 14:12
????? Oh, you live in a dream location and I understand why your photos are beautiful! Thank you for letting me find out!
????? · 2011-10-17: 14:59
LisaMarieGeorge It's absolutly just beautiful, great shot..
LisaMarieGeorge · 2011-10-17: 20:19
mystic1 Ohhhhh Feby thats an awesome capture love it
mystic1 · 2011-10-17: 21:20
beth0110 love all the shots in this post but #2 is my favorite, favorite! and what an angle to capture the waves..... worth getting sandy!!!
beth0110 · 2011-10-17: 21:33
lukesmom Really like these, especially #2. You can see the motion of the water & the clouds around the stack.
lukesmom · 2011-10-17: 21:57
honzicek Superb shots!
honzicek · 2011-10-17: 22:04
misiu awesome shots
#4 is amazing
misiu · 2011-10-18: 05:42
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