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Why are some fish - like the glassfish - transparent?
Some fish are transparent because it really helps them to prevent being eaten. Some fish are transparent throughout their entire lives (glass catfish, glassfish, small minnows), and others are only transparent during their early juvenile stages but then grow out of it. Being transparent helps because no matter what the fish is around, the background color shows through, and for all practical purposes, the fish is invisible. (They become visible when cought in the beam of diver`s torches and their body reflects the silvery light) Some predatory fish trigger to the presence of food, not by seeing the prey fish, but by sensing or seeing the shadow of the prey fish passing above it.
An interesting thing about the true “clear” fishes (and shrimps). If you have a regular fish, and feed it some food with a lot of pigment in it, the fish will gradually take on that color. This is the same as flamingos getting their pink color from shrimp that they eat. If you do the same with a “clear” fish, no matter how much you feed them a colored food, they will not take on that color.

Madoc All very interesting facts, especially since I don't know much about underwater life. But I do know that it is a fascinating world, especially through your eyes and words.
This shot here is marvellous.
Madoc · 2008-06-24: 09:54
mlcwikla Another great post! I love learning all of the facts behind the photo. Had to save 1 to my favs..
mlcwikla · 2008-06-24: 10:08
FromMyInside awesome!
FromMyInside · 2008-06-24: 10:18
ronin53 very good :)
ronin53 · 2008-06-24: 11:07
TIM927 I love how instructive your posts are, I had never wondered why some of them were transparent, it is really amazing. Im concentrating here to be transparent too,,but hey,,I'll do it after summer ok? Im tired of being so pale, gonna get a bit of tan these days:))
TIM927 · 2008-06-24: 11:30
Riyaz Wish I could be transparent sometimes, and hide away from my enemies! LOL This is truly a great post and thank you for your very educational notes to go with the photsos. I will try and some beetroot, and see if I blush, ahahah
Superb Post!!
Riyaz · 2008-06-24: 13:17
mystic1 Very cool set, love the 2nd shot :)
mystic1 · 2008-06-24: 16:11
davids Cool shots and an interesting commentary. I think I would be freaked out if I saw the second lot swimming towards me :)
davids · 2008-06-24: 16:57
mariaps What an interesting post! I didn't know any of this. And the shots are fantastic! Thank you. :)
mariaps · 2008-06-24: 23:20
vterezia nagyon szép és érdekes :))
vterezia · 2008-06-25: 09:29
Kanya Very interesting! Great shots!
Kanya · 2008-06-25: 10:27
astrobrojler Interesting set, educational one. Great #1, I like patterns made by nature.
astrobrojler · 2008-06-25: 17:58
????? super cool and beautiful :)
????? · 2008-07-03: 22:46
JuliaGotz so beautiful. hard to think of anything critical to say about this stunning work.
JuliaGotz · 2008-07-06: 11:25
LotoFoto Again... Wow!
LotoFoto · 2008-09-05: 01:18
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