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Why can a snail slide over a razor blade without being hurt?

I am awed by their curiosity every single day... its so pure and true, a real hunger for knowledge.
And looking at them I sometimes blush for shame because comparing to theirs, adult`s curiosity is often just vanity... whishing not to know, but to talk... or would you travel overseas to the end of the world just for the sole pleasure of seeing, if you knew you could not tell it to anyone?
yellodog Pity you didn't do the razor trick, I've always wondered if it's true.
yellodog · 2009-05-27: 16:40
rmartinpics Very beautiful pictures and I like what you wrote as well,.. well done : )
rmartinpics · 2009-05-27: 16:46
worldthrumylens klassz lett! nagyon edesek a gyerekek (a csigak is) es nagyon igaz amit irtal...
worldthrumylens · 2009-05-27: 19:11
livelovelaugh Amazingly true. Brilliant post! :)
livelovelaugh · 2009-05-28: 01:23
slowpete perfect wow
the DOF in the first few is 100% perfect
the facial expressions are something to behold
if I have to choose .. I have to pick #9 . adding it to my favs because it will bring me back to this set

slowpete · 2009-05-28: 02:13
hannamagnusson Great photos!
I like the perspective and expession very much!
(and the razor-blade is true, they are protected by their lot of slime)
hannamagnusson · 2009-05-28: 05:29
LampadaMervelha :) fantastic images. #10 is my fav

LampadaMervelha · 2009-05-28: 05:35
TIM927 made me smile, it is a lovely set, their expressions there are wonderful, 4 and 9 are perfect!!!
TIM927 · 2009-05-28: 09:14
facan Ezt a sorozatodat többször is végignéztem , mert nagyon elvarázsolt , tökéletes minden részlete.. A kíváncsi gyerekarcok, szemek, kezek ,....és a csiga-biga mintha nem félne tőlük, annyira vigyázták ...
facan · 2009-05-28: 13:16
????? This is a lovely set, completely charming.
I really like all pictures, without exceptions.
And you know what... We need our inner child, our curiosity... We need them to be happy!
????? · 2009-05-28: 14:52
baltassare <3 <3 <3
baltassare · 2009-05-28: 17:01
JuliaGotz you! you are incredible. these are incredible photos.
JuliaGotz · 2009-05-28: 19:30
????? They are fantastic. It's impossible for me to chose a favoriye.
????? · 2009-05-28: 19:46
redro Lovely set !
So true, kids are so thirsty for discovery while adults get bored with life thinking that they know already everything ...when the world is infinite !
redro · 2009-05-28: 23:09
elclic lovely set, i like how u have play with the deepth of field and the focus on the nails..... very cool almost instructive
elclic · 2009-05-29: 00:41
????? Mmmmm ;)) the one with the cracked wood (?) is my favourite from a great set
????? · 2009-05-29: 08:23
dontblink These are fantastic! I love them all but think 1 and 2 are just brilliantly done. Adding to my favorites.
dontblink · 2009-05-29: 10:22
storytaylor I want to say one thing to you my friend, wow. wonderfully done. amazing. there are just no words to describe this set of photos. just wanted to say that the kids emotions are so true. just look at the kids faces, they love the nature and they feel great with you.
storytaylor · 2009-05-29: 16:23
????? wow!!! these are great!!! i love them all!!
????? · 2009-05-30: 17:00
vterezia SZIA,rég nem jártam a fotó gallériádban , de most annál nagyobb az örömöm , mert egy csodaszép sorozatodban gyönyörködhettem , meghivlak egy vizuális irországi utazásra a blogomba........
vterezia · 2009-05-30: 17:10
olgit Amazing! clear and interesting shots!! liked them all !!
olgit · 2009-05-31: 16:06
miltonjacob perfect capture of the object(s) and the curiosity in the eyes of the kids. wonderful!
miltonjacob · 2009-06-01: 08:56
makaid Thank you for those words. I think a child's curiosity can sometimes reignite our own. But your question is so intriguing. Adults rarely do anything completely out of there own curiosity.
makaid · 2009-06-01: 13:38
longimanus thank you makaid for this honest answer... I was wondering why actually noone answers that question.
longimanus · 2009-06-01: 14:01
stormfish yes i would.

it's worthwile to see everything with your own eyes, even if it's just for urself. like your two gorgeous kids are examining this snail, we humans want to know how things are. curiosity might be vanity for grown ups very often, but if you save some of this children's urge to know, to understand... you will always want to find out about everything everywhere.

but i agree with you, sharing that knowledge wth others... for the sheer pleasure ofmaking them look in awe at you, is a surplus in happiness. we should always look out for the surplus... ;-)
stormfish · 2009-06-03: 01:43
mintra Fantastic set, love them all.
Well done.
mintra · 2009-06-03: 06:59
????? you really managed to capture in a very beautiful way the pure interest and open mindness of these kids. My compliments.
????? · 2009-06-03: 07:47
tindrummer great!
tindrummer · 2009-06-03: 09:01
eljapa i esp like 8 and 10... but as said many already by any a very beautiful set. (still using the d70 btw?)
eljapa · 2009-06-03: 11:32
Vincenzo Impresive! BEAUTIFUL
Vincenzo · 2009-06-03: 19:18
danitimea nagyszerű képek! a mélységélesség szép játéka! :)
danitimea · 2009-06-04: 06:19
????? Lovely realistic capture of AWE!!!!!
????? · 2009-06-04: 06:35
camilleauteuil wonderful, thank you
camilleauteuil · 2009-06-06: 03:55
Unchained This is a wonderful, wonderful set, one of the best I have seen in this blog. I'm taking # 9 to my fav. just to remember this stunning post!
Unchained · 2009-06-06: 05:49
Iwanowski Mermaid, these rock! The detail and the sense of adventure! Simply stunning!
Iwanowski · 2009-06-06: 18:38
seres Szép sorozat, gratulálok! Az első kép különösen tetszik!
seres · 2009-06-08: 16:27
leifmaler Very fine set. Lots of details! GREAT :)
leifmaler · 2009-06-13: 22:15
????? Slide over a razor blade is not a great problem, but the question is: will can survive the snail after the children's investigation?.
Yes is the answer...if child's mother is looking for care.

Child is an temporary "litlle monster " condition. I'm not long for the old days. I have now a lot of curiosity whitout cruelty.

Good series. Very interesting shots, and teme.

Thanks. Enric
????? · 2009-06-17: 16:30
ciripbogar what a great set! Wonderful pictures, beautiful children! Grats!!!!
ciripbogar · 2009-06-18: 16:35
Soyam 9 and 10 goes to my fav!
Soyam · 2009-06-19: 06:47
duds98 Precious set!
duds98 · 2009-07-09: 22:37
????? Very lovely set.
Children's curiosity at times can be dangerous for the "objects" of their curiosity unfortunately.
Yes, pure knowledge, but cruel, too. I experienced it with cats, lizards etc.
????? · 2009-07-12: 11:59
photodeclair extraordinaire j adore !
photodeclair · 2010-08-16: 23:16
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