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Theme: (very, very, very) Old Things

Over 35 million years ago near what's now Florissant, Colorado, there was a lush green valley full of insects, small mammals, birds, plants, and giant redwood trees.

During the Eocene age enormous volcanic eruptions buried this valley trapping the plant and animal life in layers of sediment and pumice, and petrifying the redwoods.

The area, which now holds a wealth of finely detailed remnants of this prehistoric life secured between layers of shale, was designated as a national monument in 1969.

The scene below is an area where scientists and experts are allowed to excavate under very strict protocols.
One of the many petrified redwood stumps in the area.
The lay of the land at Florissant Fossil Bed National Monument.
On privately owned land near the national monument there's a fossil quarry that for a fee is open to the public for exploration. My 13 year old grandson, Jackson, who’s been interested in paleontology-related subjects for many years, had great fun combing through the pieces of shale, searching for fossils.
Jackson using a tool to pry apart piece of shale to see if there's a treasure inside.
Jackson was successful in the hour we were there finding several fossils containing leaf fragments and this small insect which is relatively intact. Doesn't look too bad for a little critter that's tens of millions of years old!!
In keeping with the "old" theme, here's an old picture of Jackson at age 4. His pre-school teacher asked the children to dress up for the graduation ceremony according to what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jackson chose....you guessed it....a paleontologist!
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
Florissant, Colorado
slowpete wow great share
slowpete · 2010-07-14: 14:35
SunFlower1990 nice post!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-07-14: 14:54
Goldbrandi Hi!

Super colors! :))
Goldbrandi · 2010-07-14: 15:00
girafferacing Fantastic set. I thought my 11th century church was old but you beaten me by several millennia here!! :-)
girafferacing · 2010-07-14: 15:17
DancingDolphin Nice post! This looks like you guys had great fun, thanks for sharing!
DancingDolphin · 2010-07-14: 16:06
tomie great set! very difficult to find much older :))
tomie · 2010-07-14: 16:28
SunflowerGirl What a wonderful set! And adding your grandson to the set was great!! Well done!
SunflowerGirl · 2010-07-14: 18:56
smbunation Really interesting and great shots. Thanks for sharing, Marsha.
smbunation · 2010-07-14: 18:57
dontblink How cool to have a place to search for fossils. My kids would love to do that.
dontblink · 2010-07-14: 20:26
????? Interesting set Marsha.
????? · 2010-07-14: 22:39
RayNvb What a great post. And knowing from age 4 what one wants to do in life! Now that's amazing. I don't even know what I want to do tomorrow!
RayNvb · 2010-07-15: 01:28
SADHYA Lovely and very interesting post Marsha. There are some good places in the UK for fossil hunting, and on my shelf right now there are a couple of fossils that I have found. So exciting and interesting.
SADHYA · 2010-07-15: 06:38
????? love the old shot of Jackson, so great that he stayed with his dream!
????? · 2010-07-15: 10:39
NellyBly Very interesting, Marsha! Cute photo of Jackson in the last one :-)
NellyBly · 2010-07-15: 11:46
mystic1 Wow what an interesting set, looks like its alot of fun to explore Great shot of Jackson

Perfect for the theme
mystic1 · 2010-07-15: 11:53
jennye Fantastic set for the theme!!
jennye · 2010-07-15: 13:39
pumacat tfs, interesting set!
pumacat · 2010-07-15: 15:14
JaCkYe wow love this set
JaCkYe · 2010-07-15: 18:09
fotosalicante interesting work,the 8ª is very expresive!!
fotosalicante · 2010-07-16: 03:40
CaseyLynn What an archaeological find.... Superb Post
CaseyLynn · 2010-07-16: 07:23
CaseyLynn What an archaeological find.... Superb Post
CaseyLynn · 2010-07-16: 07:23
darfoster Great post, Marsha! I have been in this area many times, but I've never gone to the fossil beds. Must put it on my bucket list!
darfoster · 2010-07-16: 11:30
????? Brilliant...what a great post...thanks for sharing :-)
????? · 2010-07-16: 11:48
onlyricky before insects were much bigger than they actually are! what makes me scared! imagina big old filthy centipede...gooosh.. (i've milipedophobia haha)
I love this documentary from you Marsha! Here there is some archeological thing, I once was to be part of one, but my schedule didn't help me with it :/
onlyricky · 2010-07-16: 15:13
lynnsgallery2 WONDERFUL!!!
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-07-16: 22:45
????? love these Marsha, and Jackson is so adorable!!!!
????? · 2010-07-17: 00:05
djnana What interesting shots and informative narrative. (I love learning new things!) #6 is awesome, #7 is amazing, and #8 is adorable (Indiana Jones in the making!) Wonderful set, Marsha!
And thanks for liking my "post" post!
djnana · 2010-07-18: 14:28
Unchained So an interesting post Marsha, I love to look after fossils and we have also a similar place near where I live.
Unchained · 2010-07-18: 20:54
nssco50 Fascinating post and treasures!! Well capture for the theme:-))
nssco50 · 2010-07-18: 23:50
miltonjacob a real treasure! thanks for sharing
miltonjacob · 2010-07-19: 03:54
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