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Pioneers! O Pioneers!

COME my tan-faced children,
Follow well in order, get your weapons ready,
Have you your pistols? have you your sharp-edged axes?
Pioneers! O pioneers!

For we cannot tarry here,
We must march my darlings, we must bear the brunt of danger,
We the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depend,
Pioneers! O pioneers!

O you youths, Western youths,
So impatient, full of action, full of manly pride and friendship,
Plain I see you Western youths, see you tramping with the foremost,
Pioneers! O pioneers!

First three verses of "Pioneers, O Pioneers!" from Walt Whitman's book of poetry,
Leaves of Grass.
Rock Ledge Ranch Living History Museum
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Goldbrandi Hi!

Fantastic set! :))
Goldbrandi · 2010-07-19: 09:01
????? Hi Marsha! 3 and then 6 are my favorites!
????? · 2010-07-19: 09:17
????? Great Set. Love the last one
????? · 2010-07-19: 09:58
SunFlower1990 great set!
SunFlower1990 · 2010-07-19: 10:30
photogp welldone.good job!
photogp · 2010-07-19: 10:51
SADHYA These guys were truly inspirational. Its easy to romanticise their lives but what they achieved was really amazing. Love these pictures Marsha. Do you know the date they were taken?
Thank you for sharing.
SADHYA · 2010-07-19: 11:16
darfoster I did not know that there was a living history museum like this in the Springs. Is it hard to find? I will have to bring my grandchildren when they are a little older. These young people are doing such a great job playing their parts! Great photos of it!
darfoster · 2010-07-19: 11:40
kellybee322 Lovely set. I really like the last one.
kellybee322 · 2010-07-19: 12:09
smbunation Fascinating. Thanks for sharing, Marsha. I like the last shot.
smbunation · 2010-07-19: 12:23
blu06 The pictures have a certain mood. I like them.
blu06 · 2010-07-19: 12:39
djnana Such a wonderful post - and one of my favorite poems ever! The shots are rich with the tinge of history - the last one brought tears to my eyes. The legacy of the pioneer is ours to enjoy - and I enjoyed these images.
djnana · 2010-07-19: 15:27
HoosierAtHeART Such a great post!!
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-07-19: 16:40
????? I love the word 'Pioneer'
have you really thought about it?/
We know what it meant in centuries or even just decades gone by...but what does it mean now? when just about every part of this world and it's features...even the oceans...have been mapped and navigated...where do we go now?
Space, you're thinking?? even that is being explored to the limits of our economy and technology...maybe we started looking inward...The macro photographers showed us a thing or two for sure...but now we have examined every electron and even understand the quark....DNA sampling is becoming an exact science...and so we look further into the world of theory...we just about leave the physical behind...
String theory, granular theory, M-theory...could we explore and truely understand the nature of TIME herself??
Who are the pioneers now Marsha?
and how can we really portray what is being done in our name as a species by today's pioneers?
I think you've just inspired another 'Astronaut' post....hahahaha...and it's long overdue....thank you my friend :-)))
Ohhh...terrific images here :-)
????? · 2010-07-19: 16:46
JaCkYe Amazing shots...
JaCkYe · 2010-07-19: 17:20
storytaylor wonderful photos. the last one is superb.
storytaylor · 2010-07-19: 17:27
dontblink Well done, these look like they could have been taken in a totally different time. Last one is wonderful.
dontblink · 2010-07-19: 18:06
Nukee Marsha what a FANTASTIC post!! I love the tones, just amazing!! :)
Nukee · 2010-07-19: 18:16
Jarvo Neat set. I thought for a minute I was watching Little House on the Prairie.
Jarvo · 2010-07-19: 18:38
????? the lighting in these shots is perfect!!! amazing shots!
????? · 2010-07-20: 00:06
mystic1 What a wonderful set, all the shots look like they are from the period nice captures again
mystic1 · 2010-07-20: 00:12
slowpete stunning photos esp #1
slowpete · 2010-07-20: 01:59
????? Wonde4rful set!!!
????? · 2010-07-20: 02:19
LAZYWASP Wonderful images...(why is the girl on stilts??) I love the last image....beautiful in sepia.
LAZYWASP · 2010-07-20: 03:37
????? Beautiful set. You are a pioneer, Marsha :-)
????? · 2010-07-20: 04:52
????? I've always been fascinated by the settlers, pioneers, and sod-busters; love this set!!
????? · 2010-07-20: 10:30
onlyricky these are truly amazing shots Marsha_!
I really love the mood and the colors!
made me remember the pioneers movies!
super nice!:)
onlyricky · 2010-07-20: 12:37
Unchained This is a precious work Marsha and an excellent tribute for all these brave men and women. Shot 1 and 6 are my favourites.
Unchained · 2010-07-20: 13:15
ArtBee Wow these are fantastic photos Marsha! Love the look and the atmosphere is wonderful! Pioneers sure faced a lot of challenges in those days. Obviously they met them quite successfully. Great post!
ArtBee · 2010-07-20: 15:37
Shaparak superb! ... western life!
Shaparak · 2010-07-20: 21:16
photopoet Love these photos. They were a hardy group.
photopoet · 2010-07-20: 21:19
nssco50 Wow...Stunning captures, well done!! Pioneers endured the Rocky Mountains, hardship and much more....#6,#4 and #1:))
nssco50 · 2010-07-21: 00:40
RayNvb Wow. What a mind trip your just instigated! These photos are wonderful and the living museum is a powerful tool. And Whitman's words makes the mundane heroic. Excellent post!
RayNvb · 2010-07-21: 15:14
Fastlove This is amazing set.. it reminds me of "Little House on The Prairie"
Fastlove · 2010-07-21: 22:19
Rasadesign Nice set.....
Nice words....
Nice set.........
Rasadesign · 2010-07-22: 06:23
JumiElla Wow! Great idea! Perfect shots!
JumiElla · 2010-07-22: 16:00
NellyBly Wonderful that they have this tribute to the pioneers! Love #1..her face says it all to me. Hope, trials, what does the future hold? Would love to visit there too.
NellyBly · 2010-07-22: 17:22
????? Awesome set Marsha!
????? · 2010-07-23: 07:39
kavehhomam nice set dear marsha,i can feel the granddad`s suffer....and can enjoy their affects on today...
how much the life is great.....tnx 4 sharing
kavehhomam · 2010-07-24: 02:23
mikro Well composed. You did a great processing job.
mikro · 2010-07-24: 22:41
hannamagnusson Beautiful set, very authentic, great editing!
hannamagnusson · 2010-07-25: 03:39
somogyvari Excellent work! Perfect compositions and nice moods !
somogyvari · 2010-07-25: 08:39
agnes65 Awesome post, love them all!!!!
agnes65 · 2010-07-25: 08:53
huiching Wow. Amazing. ^_^
huiching · 2010-07-25: 21:49
catdad Thank you for the great post and History lesson !! cd
catdad · 2010-07-26: 00:12
miltonjacob lovely post with nostalgic mood
miltonjacob · 2010-07-26: 07:53
jennye Excellent set Marsha!!!
jennye · 2010-07-26: 17:37
????? I want to go :):) Great shots, and I love these in b&w. the last one is dramatic.
????? · 2010-07-27: 15:46
astrobrojler Nice atmosphere. Did you try some walking on stilts also? ;)
astrobrojler · 2010-07-28: 16:12
????? The last pic is wonderful! Great set.
????? · 2010-07-30: 06:37
lynnsgallery2 Very very nicely done...SUPER :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2010-08-05: 07:09
SunflowerGirl Great set. I am very interested in the pioneers, explorers, fur traders, the westward movement.
SunflowerGirl · 2010-08-06: 13:37
pandka Really interesting pictures! I love 2 and 5# especially.
pandka · 2010-08-08: 08:44
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