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Once Upon a Time...

...in a faraway land called Kansas there lived a pretty little princess named Holly Ann.

"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags.
Even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us."
~Sara Crew, A Little Princess
"Only a real princess can light up a room with the magic of her smile." ~anonymous
Hollsy and Dollsy having a tea party :)))
"Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse." ~Robert A. Heinlein
"A toddling little girl is a centre of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other."
-~George Eliot
My beautiful granddaughter turned one year old on May 25th. Remember this?
extralarge just pure beauty :)
nice editing and story.
extralarge · 2012-06-12: 02:14
gonia she is beautifull! beautifull girl and princess!congrats Marsha! nice to see you! hello!
gonia · 2012-06-12: 02:36
finbarr Beautiful portraits !!
finbarr · 2012-06-12: 02:55
EvaLizette Wonderful and so beautiful portrait :) She`s a beautiful little princess and you did a great job on

Welcome Back!! Been missing your posts. Hope you had a great time away:))
( I know you did if you spend time with this beautiful girl :)
EvaLizette · 2012-06-12: 03:38
mazpics AMAZINGLY cute set! 3 is just darling! What a sweetie. :))
mazpics · 2012-06-12: 03:51
Unchained This is a great story of a beautiful princess and her grandmother bursting of love and pride. :)) Wonderful portraits of a happy princess.
Unchained · 2012-06-12: 04:09
Jarvo Adorable portraits Marsha.
Jarvo · 2012-06-12: 06:42
????? Ahhhh she's beautiful! Favorites - 2, 8, 10. I must have something for b/w photos. The first reminds me of one of the stories I tell about my wife and I. People ask how we met and I say I found her behind a tree, there's a pretty girl behind every tree in Kansas. :D
????? · 2012-06-12: 08:03
lgnelson What precious shots, Marsha!
lgnelson · 2012-06-12: 09:17
Ryana These are the most wonderful portraits I have ever seen!!!
Ryana · 2012-06-12: 09:37
????? Great portraits Marsha, so cute !!
????? · 2012-06-12: 09:57
mwbergeron01 These are all wonderful! These are going to make special framed photos for all Family members! Especially Parents and Grandparents! Again After several looks #'s 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10 are perfect, ready for frames and portfolio to share with others. Great work on these!
mwbergeron01 · 2012-06-12: 10:31
mrmeliska Very cute set....What a wonderful little model....
mrmeliska · 2012-06-12: 11:35
jennyLit she is so adorable!! i love her smile:)
jennyLit · 2012-06-12: 13:10
MoMac Wow these are very professional looking She is just absolutely gorgeous . No8 is really nice in that old type edit
MoMac · 2012-06-12: 13:47
farideh Wow Really beautiful shots.
farideh · 2012-06-12: 13:54
SkyMonroe Fantastic girl
SkyMonroe · 2012-06-12: 13:56
DancingDolphin Happy Birthday to her! You got some great photos and have done some really nice edits!
DancingDolphin · 2012-06-12: 14:32
tomie wow! what a beautiful p^rincess! happy birthday to her...yours portraits are fantastic, i really love them all.
she's so cute!
tomie · 2012-06-12: 14:45
digitalideas Amazing captures i love them all especially the bw
digitalideas · 2012-06-12: 15:37
????? Beautiful girl. Very nicely captured and I like what you wrote.
????? · 2012-06-12: 16:26
LAZYWASP Simply adorable!!!!!!!
LAZYWASP · 2012-06-12: 17:08
NellyBly Awwww, so precious..she's beautiful and growing up so fast! I know you enjoyed snap, snap, snapping on these..:-) Glad to see ya posting again. Missed you.
NellyBly · 2012-06-12: 17:50
girafferacing They're all utterly adorable portraits!
girafferacing · 2012-06-12: 18:08
LisaMarieGeorge Wow, I am speachless, what a beautiful girl, you must be so proud!
LisaMarieGeorge · 2012-06-12: 20:08
liveandletlive I sure do remember that! Wow. Time flies. These are all such wonderful portraits of your beautiful granddaughter Marsha. You must be absolutely beaming with pride! Yes you are! I can see it from here!!
So nice to have you back my friend
liveandletlive · 2012-06-12: 21:53
joycephotography She ia adorable.................
joycephotography · 2012-06-12: 23:01
Shaparak my honey :*
Shaparak · 2012-06-12: 23:22
somogyvari Lovely portraits !
somogyvari · 2012-06-13: 02:32
????? WoW Marsha, these are fabulous! The quotes are perfect for the FABULOUS shots!!! she is precious!
????? · 2012-06-13: 10:53
miahurricane What a beautiful child! Great shots!
miahurricane · 2012-06-13: 11:33
CHOSSID Absolutely adorable portraits! Change the date to Friday and post as the PTC!
She rally looks like you!
CHOSSID · 2012-06-13: 12:04
Keryl Oh Marsha. I so agree with Leah....she looks like you!
She's a lucky girl to have such a talented Grandmother.
Keryl · 2012-06-13: 22:01
Nellinka So-so cute, you must be so proud of her. =)
Nellinka · 2012-06-14: 02:54
Goldbrandi Lovely portraits!
Goldbrandi · 2012-06-14: 17:51
djnana Oh, my, but those eyes are mesmerizing! I'm so glad I noticed this set when I was commenting on the boy's post! She is totally adorable in #8 & 9. You have some beautiful g-babies, Marsha!!
djnana · 2012-06-14: 22:40
inawe So very precious! Beautifully done portraits.
inawe · 2012-06-15: 15:55
Hamidmehri Lovely kid
Hamidmehri · 2012-06-18: 01:43
pfeffi love the 3rd pic!
pfeffi · 2012-06-18: 08:51
pandka All are amazing!
pandka · 2012-06-21: 04:37
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