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Fire and Smoke...

Mountain ridge just above Woodland Park....
C-130 fighting the flames...
Brave people pilot these planes....
Took a little drive an hour ago....came back with these. Dismal scenes....I'm sorry...I have no more to say.

Don't worry - I am safe and taking care. Tomorrow there's a forecast for possible rain....please pray....
digitalideas OMG Marsha I was just watcing it in the news and saw how bad is becoming becareful and stay safe
digitalideas · 2012-06-26: 19:25
SM2012 Yes, be careful and stay safe, please.
SM2012 · 2012-06-26: 19:31
Jarvo I don't usually hope for rain, but I will do for you.
Jarvo · 2012-06-26: 19:51
liveandletlive I was looking at some news stories too. You are at the top of my thoughts and sending you all the positive energy I have my friend.
liveandletlive · 2012-06-26: 19:54
joycephotography The last one looks like a bomb exploding, I hope you get lots of rain....................
joycephotography · 2012-06-26: 21:27
NellyBly Huge amount of smoke..any ash falling? Great shots even though the circumstances are so sad..take care my friend!
NellyBly · 2012-06-26: 21:54
DancingDolphin Unbelievable the size of that wall of smoke! I hope that rain arrives for all of you!
DancingDolphin · 2012-06-26: 22:07
mystic1 Be safe my friend
mystic1 · 2012-06-26: 23:38
lgnelson Just checking to make sure you're safe. Great reportage, Marsha. Praying for your continued safety.
lgnelson · 2012-06-26: 23:57
darfoster It's just devestating and although I haven't had a lot of time to photoblog lately, I've just gotten on to see if you would have a post! I'm praying for a break to this weather, for rain and for all the families effected by these terrible fires! Stay safe, it's too close for comfort! I will be thinking about you!
darfoster · 2012-06-27: 01:02
goolikhash prays........Marsha,its time to shine and show the universe how wonderful you are....nothing will last for ever.....just you will stay. im praying now
goolikhash · 2012-06-27: 01:33
EvaLizette Its so terrifying! Please be safe Marsha! Wish I could send you our rain!!
EvaLizette · 2012-06-27: 02:39
finbarr Stay safe !!
finbarr · 2012-06-27: 03:16
SADHYA Even in circumstances like this, you come back with great shots. A true photographer.
But I wish you could focus on subjects that are less terrifying and destructive.
You are in my thoughts Marsha.
SADHYA · 2012-06-27: 03:24
Unchained Florida under water and Colorado burning... I just heard the latest news, thinking of you and all the people hit by this inferno.
Unchained · 2012-06-27: 03:39
CHOSSID Stay safe Marsha! I hate to think of the aftermath.
I remember a fire in Michigan which left mile after mile
after mile of charred tree trunks!
CHOSSID · 2012-06-27: 08:25
MoMac take care and be safe , hoping for Rain.
MoMac · 2012-06-27: 10:06
gonia looks terrible this fire!we have many rains, if only I can send you any...
gonia · 2012-06-27: 11:58
JaCkYe ts so terrifying and sad :(
JaCkYe · 2012-06-27: 13:02
girafferacing Your fire has even made the UK news now - fingers crossed for that rain. Stay safe Marsha. :-)
girafferacing · 2012-06-27: 13:28
marilynx I will pray ,,,
marilynx · 2012-06-27: 13:58
maudlaurens Ici aussi en France, ces feux font les "journaux TV" ! nous pensons bien a vous, et souhaitons de grosses pluies sur le <Colorado !!
maudlaurens · 2012-06-27: 15:18
Ryana It has been on the news here the whole week now ... be safe!!
Ryana · 2012-06-27: 16:20
tomie i'm thinking to you Marsha!
tomie · 2012-06-27: 17:13
nataliemanco take care dear.....it has been in the news a lot in Australia too. devastating ......
nataliemanco · 2012-06-28: 06:48
djnana We're watching the Weather Channel and thinking about y'all....
djnana · 2012-06-28: 09:05
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