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Somewhere off the Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich, there sits a little shop.
And in this shop work three little people (Okay, not all that little but it works with my story, okay?)
And these three little people put on the nicest smiles as they help you to a variety of colorful sweets called macaroons.
They put them in pretty boxes, too. All sizes. Did you know they even have boxes made for just two of their pretty little delicacies? Well, they do. And, they have big ones made for 50 - 100, too.
I bought just one. At that price, I can tell you something. For the first time in my life, I ate something the size of an oreo cookie in about 10 bites over a period of 5 minutes. I rediscovered the meaning of the word "savor".

The End.
Coming from a man who has even eaten scorpions, it astounds me that I had never before eaten macaroons!
I'm hooked.

And they're pretty, too.
I'm enchanted.

Too bad they cost a fortune.
I'm ruined.
Patricia132 Holy Macaroon's .... yummo!
Very colorful! When I ge to London I want to get some! :0
Patricia132 · 2012-03-05: 11:16
angil A nice tribute to macaroons.
angil · 2012-03-05: 11:19
mazpics Great set! I love how colourful macaroons are. :)
mazpics · 2012-03-05: 12:25
kblakes Very nice story.....yummy ending
kblakes · 2012-03-05: 15:15
domelia hummmmmmmmmmmm !
domelia · 2012-03-05: 18:29
photodeclair look so good !
photodeclair · 2012-03-05: 21:43
ValMacedo You have the right to indulge yourself, Jay:) Just reading your story gave me "água na boca"....I can image your facial expression with each bite...and you talent writing and describing your experience is a perfect marketing tool for this "little store with little people".....but I think they would probably leave the last two sentences ("fortune and ruined") out :)))
Now, was the scorpion really necessary? or just trying to prove something to someone ???...just for deserve a box of 100 macaroons :)
ValMacedo · 2012-03-05: 21:43
ValMacedo BTW....great shots Jay....thanks for sharing the shots....but it would be nicer of you to share one of the 10 TINY bite size of your macarron... :)
ValMacedo · 2012-03-05: 21:47
DancingDolphin After reading your glowing testament (which was throughly convincing) I went and "looked up" macaroons because I recalled only having them once and hating them. There it was...the word coconut!! I HATE COCONUT.... BUT it seems that not all macaroons are coconut... the originals were almond! Almond, now THAT sounds good! So now I must go and find ALMOND macaroons to try... oh poor me... literally, apparently!

OH... and your photos... well I think I would have liked an entire cake's worth... just a little something to share with friends!
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-06: 11:33
Eiram I love macaroons...pistachio are my favorite ones:) I buy them from time to time in a small French bakery on my way to work...well it is not exactly on my way to work but worth every step LOL
Eiram · 2012-03-06: 17:50
dalish its still cheaper than a wife!! lol...
i say splurge when u get the craving!
dalish · 2012-03-07: 03:28
CHOSSID Very nice post! I have to tell you that the young man in #2 has a double in NY!
CHOSSID · 2012-03-07: 06:54
believe how delicious...
believe · 2012-03-09: 06:33
Unchained I would prefer a thousand times to eat marcaroons than scorpions... ha ha. Well, mu sugar level rises only at looking to all these wonderful sweets.
Unchained · 2012-03-10: 04:15
veronicainheels hey, they are easy to make and store well. so one day you will spend couple of hours shopping, baking and putting filling inside 50 macaroons. and you will live happy ever after ( for about a week).
veronicainheels · 2012-03-13: 02:06
busybee Oh so tasty and they truely look beautiful...........
busybee · 2012-03-13: 05:31
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