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Saturday, in the park...

...there were men and women playing chess.
...there was a dog learning chess moves,
and a colorful man in a yellow beret.
...young people flirting and hanging out.
...there were still some open spaces.
...there were girls practicing for PB.
...there were views of the River Limmat and a tram down below.
...there was a pigeon on a perch with the best view in town.
(The Alps make up the entire backdrop of this photo, but the clouds blocked them all day.)
...there was a nice view when we came down after our macaroons.
Zürich, Saturday afternoon after giving a little tour of the town and the lake to two friends. We took our tiny box of three macaroons (all raspberry, mind you) up to some of the oldest parts of Zürich (this area is pre-13th C.), overlooking the river and the rest of the city. It was busy with all sorts of people enjoying the moderate temperatures.
Check it out when you are next there. You'll love this city.
Eiram Beautiful set!
Eiram · 2012-03-06: 17:51
Patricia132 FANTASTIC SET!!!!
Patricia132 · 2012-03-06: 18:25
photodeclair it's a beautiful place and your photo are also beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-03-06: 20:14
kblakes Great set! But the title made me think of....
kblakes · 2012-03-06: 22:41
ValMacedo What a awesome set, Jay !!! You always make your posts delightful, very interesting shots, with fantastic descriptions...your are not only a great photographer, but also a excellent writer, did you know that??!! So cool to see people playing that giant chess, ...also love the way you stated "girls practicing for PB" so clever, ...and shots 7 and 9 are my favorites, sharpness, color, reflections to the best !! Truly awesome !!!
ValMacedo · 2012-03-06: 22:58
ValMacedo oh....of course, you did again....had to mention those "to die for" macaroons...and raspberry??? are bad....Thanks for sharing :(
ValMacedo · 2012-03-06: 23:08
dalish incredible really is a pretty city with those views!
dalish · 2012-03-07: 03:25
marilynx Beatiful ... I lived in Switzerland for 3 years! 1987-1990
marilynx · 2012-03-07: 04:20
jet28 Fabulous shots of a wonderful place!
jet28 · 2012-03-07: 08:22
krasotulichka Thank you, very nice set! Is it really so warm now? We are going to Germany on the 17th , I have typical female problems---what to put on!
krasotulichka · 2012-03-07: 08:25
angil I've already visited Zurich and other places in Switzerland and i really love that country. I stayed in Interlaken and then travelled all over Switzerland and now my godson is making is doctorate precisely in Zurich University (Veterinary medecine). And he loved it so much he is going to stay there for more two years.
angil · 2012-03-07: 10:02
DancingDolphin "Travels with Jay"! I like this kind of post, we could all learn from you and start showing what's out there instead of wondering what to shoot! There is just something about people doing whatever they are doing that invites the imagination to fire up. I like!
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-08: 11:25
CHOSSID Beautiful set of a lovely, clean town. I like those huge chess sets -- they should have them here, but for sure the pieces would be stolen! Also those girls practicing for PB! ;-)
CHOSSID · 2012-03-08: 16:01
MARETKA88 What a terrific set....great views and scenery...wonderful Saturday !!!
MARETKA88 · 2012-03-08: 17:24
believe nice
i enjoyed the set
believe · 2012-03-09: 06:25
mariadamaris What a wonderful set!
mariadamaris · 2012-03-09: 16:38
Unchained Thanks for this lovely stroll through Zürich. ;))
Unchained · 2012-03-10: 04:17
liveandletlive GREAT set. I'm too dumb for chess. lol You've got me singing Chicago now.
Big congratulations on your awesome FP!
liveandletlive · 2012-03-12: 21:00
photodeclair congratulations on your excellent FP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-03-12: 21:50
beth0110 thanks for taking me along on your tour! I would love to visit and see it for myself. congratulations on fp!!! would love to have big chess games in our park :)
beth0110 · 2012-03-12: 22:01
mallusatish Amazing set and congratulations on your FP~!~
mallusatish · 2012-03-12: 22:13
DancingDolphin You're on the FP... and I "knew you when"! 8^)
DancingDolphin · 2012-03-12: 22:14
????? Amazing set. Congrats on the FP!
????? · 2012-03-12: 22:36
ValMacedo Wow... So nice, Jay to see your shot FP...very happy to see it here. Congratulations my friend!!!!
ValMacedo · 2012-03-12: 23:21
NellyBly Enjoyed this interesting city! Love all your shots..the park with giant chess boards is great! #7, 8 and 9 so interesting..great my favs..Oh, Congrats too!
NellyBly · 2012-03-13: 00:03
mrmeliska Congrats on FP...
mrmeliska · 2012-03-13: 00:05
darfoster What a beautiful city! Great shots, thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the FP!
darfoster · 2012-03-13: 00:27
nynkeb Fantastic set and Congrats on FP!! :)
nynkeb · 2012-03-13: 01:19
veronicainheels enjoyable read as always.
veronicainheels · 2012-03-13: 02:03
gonia very nice pictures, I like reflections in the water,great congratulations.
gonia · 2012-03-13: 02:25
marilynx Congratulations!
marilynx · 2012-03-13: 03:17
Dropblue Fabulous set ! Congratulations on your FP !!
Dropblue · 2012-03-13: 03:28
MoMac What a lovely way to play chess at least it gets them out in the open air rather in some stuffy café.
Great set and congrats on FP
MoMac · 2012-03-13: 04:42
pcmcgarry I think bishops to kings knight and the game is won! What a joyful scene, thanks for sharing. Congrats on F.P.
pcmcgarry · 2012-03-13: 04:47
busybee Well done on the FP love Switzerland have been many quite a lot a beautiful scenic country......I first learnt ot Ski there when I was 14 I'm now drawing my old age pension :-)
busybee · 2012-03-13: 05:30
Unchained Give me five my friend!! Congrats!
Unchained · 2012-03-13: 06:04
SADHYA I love this series. Really fascinating to people watch (and take shots of them)
Congratulations on fp.
SADHYA · 2012-03-13: 06:20
borogovoi Beautiful Set
Congratulations .... !!!
borogovoi · 2012-03-13: 07:33
davidcardona Nicely done! Great subject and excellent urban shots plenty of perspective and composition! Thanks for sharing and congrats on fp!
davidcardona · 2012-03-13: 07:50
Clickpen Beautiful post. Congratulations on fp.
Clickpen · 2012-03-13: 08:22
CHOSSID Congrats on your FP! :-D
CHOSSID · 2012-03-13: 08:47
ArtBee Wow these are absolutely stunning photos of this place. Beautiful buildings and lovely horizon even blocked by the clouds it's still beautiful. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Zurich!
ArtBee · 2012-03-13: 08:49
domzwife Love!
domzwife · 2012-03-13: 09:01
farideh Beautiful shots .Congrats on your FP!
farideh · 2012-03-13: 09:28
catdad Congrats on the FP !! That was an excellent set, Thanks for sharing !!
catdad · 2012-03-13: 10:05
Eiram Coming back with congratulations!
Eiram · 2012-03-13: 10:06
brAtogrAphy spellbound!!! :D
brAtogrAphy · 2012-03-13: 12:52
giancaf congratulations!!!!
giancaf · 2012-03-13: 12:57
SkyMonroe good work
SkyMonroe · 2012-03-13: 14:23
krasotulichka CONGRATSSSSS!!!!!!!
krasotulichka · 2012-03-13: 17:44
jet28 Congratulations!
jet28 · 2012-03-13: 18:41
LisaMarieGeorge Congratulations!
LisaMarieGeorge · 2012-03-13: 20:19
jojodaily That's awesome! Makes me wish I knew how to play. =P
jojodaily · 2012-03-13: 20:41
Yves51 congrats on your FP...........
Yves51 · 2012-03-13: 21:10
livelovelaugh You saw some pretty cool sites. Congratulations on FP! :)
livelovelaugh · 2012-03-13: 21:17
nssco50 Thanks for sharing and Congrats on FP!!:))
nssco50 · 2012-03-13: 22:10
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