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The Department Store

"Look Ma, PORKYPINES!" I think these things are cool.
It was a bit chillier today than usual, so a friend and I decided to walk through the huge department store rather than around it to get to our destination. I avoid ground floors of such stores simply because the perfume department always seems to be on that floor and when the doors open, WHAM, I'm blown back with a wall of scents that I simply don't like.

"I mean, come on! There is very little oxygen in those places!" he exclaimed.

Simply put: I hate perfume. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, just the right amount on a lady can be nice, but other than that, I can't stand it.)

That said, it was chilly enough to make our way through a massive perfume center and as I sought my way through to the other side, praying that an oxygen mask might be available near the entrance, I did notice a couple of things:

1. there ain't no easy path as the crow flies to get out on the other side - good advertising/marketing/trickery
2. the bottles are pretty :-)

So, I held my breath in the fashion of a brave Navy Seal and dove into the underworld of scents and smells, sweet and pungent to do every amateur photographer's duty: to provide the world with new pictures.

I added the cherry blossoms to the beginning because though these don't have much fragrance, I do, in fact, love nature's scents from her flowers - just not the man-made stuff.

The last shot? I don't know. So maybe I like the shade of blue?
JustmeG I so totally agree with you....for me, most perfumes smell like toxins in a bottle....But, I like the lighting in your perfume shots and I too love the natural fragrance that Mother Nature offers us :)) Love that last shot too...very cool!
JustmeG · 2012-03-31: 16:16
mazpics Beautiful flowers and I love the perfume bottles!
mazpics · 2012-03-31: 16:42
busybee Love the blossom, and I do have perfume favourites nice to be in the warm hope you didn't spend to much!!
busybee · 2012-03-31: 17:10
krasotulichka All the shots are perfect! But nature is always better!
krasotulichka · 2012-03-31: 17:27
believe they were so much nice
specially the first ones
believe · 2012-03-31: 18:11
photodeclair beautiful set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-03-31: 18:12
dalish you made me fussy bird....if you are gonna buy anything...make it Yves St. Laurent!
dalish · 2012-04-01: 01:44
angil Perfect association between nature fragrances and man made fragrances. Navy seal capability to enter in a parfum store - LOL
angil · 2012-04-01: 07:30
DancingDolphin I want a porkypine too!

I knew we were kindred spirits! I thought I was the only person alive who doesn't like perfume. All that advertising about how it smells like this or smells like that... no way... it smells like chemicals! Whew, got THAT rant out!

DancingDolphin · 2012-04-01: 11:09
DancingDolphin OOps... forget the photos!! LOVE the flowers! I must admit that with the coming of spring here in CA, I miss some of those changes and flowers... it doesn't seem so very different here.
DancingDolphin · 2012-04-01: 11:10
ldalmau flowers are great
ldalmau · 2012-04-01: 16:38
armando Great set!
armando · 2012-04-01: 16:52
niebieski wow, blossom is like unreal!)
niebieski · 2012-04-01: 17:20
Unchained I prefere also the odor of a blooing tree than the odor of a parfum shop. But I'm glad to find here my personal parfum: Un jardin sur le Nil :))
Unchained · 2012-04-02: 19:29
????? Wow, Is lipstick drawn on a lighter? I never seen!
Now Channel Nº 5 has a delicious aroma, I love this area of the Mall just to feel the perfumes.
Beautiful markenting :-D
The comission should be his hahaha

????? · 2012-04-17: 16:26
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