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    osprey480 · 2010-06-04: 13:46
    osprey480 ok thanks once again very nice pics :)
    osprey480 · 2010-06-04: 05:37
    osprey480 what lens did you use for the Damsels? some are very close and they are so sharp.
    iluvpics21 · 2010-02-09: 03:00
    Nice. The building really looks impressive, and the #3 view looks like a model.
    Thanks...oh yeah it sure look like that...that's why I had the guts to look down, i just thought that those are just miniature buildings and cars : )
    ????? · 2009-11-20: 15:29
    ????? wow, your photos are amazing,
    i feel jelous, you live in such a nice place, with nature "just outside your door"

    youre also a great photographer,
    well done!
    good luck for any shots in the future
    HalloLin · 2009-10-26: 07:33
    HalloLin You seem to be an animal lover :)