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from our house to your house

cards collected by Martin Parr
Martin Parr is from the south of England. his early years of photography have been spent with "subjective documentary" marked by B&W nostalgia. his critical mind and his taste of the parodical made him switch to color and changed his style

following his successful exhibitions he was elected to join the Magnum agency in 1988. considered to be the antithesis of the "concerned photographer" by several members of the agency he was a controversial choice. true or not, Henri Cartier-Bresson, a founding father of Magnum, after attending Parr's exhibition on world tourism turned to his young fellow and said: "i think you are from a different planet..."

Parr is also collecting photographs, his small book of 1999, entitled "Boring postcards" was followed by the "From our house to your house", a collection of cards celebrating the american christmas

Martin Parr dél Angliából való. kezdeti fotográfusi éveiben "szubjektív dokumentarista" a fekete/fehér nosztalgia jegyében. kritikus szemlélete, és a parodikushoz való vonzódása miatt hamar színesre és más stílusra vált

sikeres kiállításai után 1988-ban beválasztják a Magnum ügynökségbe. többen az ügynökség tagjai közül az "elkötelezett fotográfus" antitézisének tartották, jelölése vitákat kavart. igaz vagy sem, Henri Cartier-Bresson, a Magnum egyik alapítója, miután megnézte Parr egy világ-turizmussal foglalkozó kiállítását, így fordult a fiatal kollégához: "azt hiszem, maga egy másik bolygóról érkezett..."

Parr gyűjti is a fotókat, a kisalakú "Unalmas levelezőlapok" című könyvét 2oo2-ben követte egy amerikai karácsonyi üdvözlő kártyák gyűjteménye, "A mi otthonunkból a ti otthonotokba"
joycephotography Great post.
joycephotography · 2011-12-17: 13:51
DancingDolphin Having just moved, I was putting away photo albums last night. I opened a book of my first husbands baby shots and there were quite a few Holiday photo cards very similar in style to these.... undoubtedly done during the same era. They are so filled with a time gone by compared to today's photo cards!

This post made my day! :-)
DancingDolphin · 2011-12-17: 14:04
stormfish what a bunch of ugly season greetings postcards! it always amazes me how much effort collectors endure to cobble together the weirdest collections of... crap. keep a collection like these for 50 years, and YEP! someone will open up a museum, write a catalogue about them and declare them to be important witnesses of history.

i'm probably totally wrong with this but hey... xmas cards belong on the desk board until xmas is over, then trash them. let's not make history out of all the stuff with limited meaning we have to endure throughout our lifetimes.
stormfish · 2011-12-20: 12:10
utazo A húsvágó tőkénél ücsörgő család ! mmmmm
utazo · 2011-12-21: 04:26
baltassare ;-) Négyesben látok valami ínycsiklandozót: ;-)

K ó s t o l ó

J ó E g é s z s é g e t
K í n á l P a r t n e r e i v e l
A B u t c h e r C s a l á d

A S z e r e t e t Ü n n e p é n
Ú j é v i V á g á s r a V á r

baltassare · 2011-12-22: 07:27
mawey i'm not sure if i like the sentiments of some of your commenters above, but i understand that these old postcards, as much as the ones i already got on my work desk this year, served a certain purpose; i.e. i understand that some people want to tell me that they feel obligated to let me know i am in their thoughts at the end of the year.

so basically such a collection of pictures is a statement about human morals, which reads: it doesn't matter how skilful, funny, strange, embarrassing or completely awesome a gesture is, it is a gesture for the right thing. :-)
mawey · 2011-12-23: 07:19
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