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in-camera toning

vivid blue
I wanted to see the results of the camera doing the actual toning vs. photoshop and I doing the work.
I personally like doing the work because I like the b/w's with more contrast...but it's nice to have it in-camera.
DancingDolphin Interesting, I didn't know cameras could do this on their own! But my hubby just informed me that "yes" mine will do it as well... hmmmmm, one more thing to try. I love b/w's, my thought is that the range here seems more limited than post processed (no true blacks or whites)... the color shot on the other hand has fabulous color!
DancingDolphin · 2009-11-18: 21:41
smbunation Interesting. Good work by you 'and' your camera. =)
smbunation · 2009-11-18: 22:00
jennye I like all three........and that's a beautiful shot!!
jennye · 2009-11-18: 22:06
joycephotography Like the B&W.
joycephotography · 2009-11-18: 22:20
slowpete I agree with doing B&W myself
slowpete · 2009-11-18: 23:31
oakley Great work!!

oakley · 2009-11-19: 01:47
pandka I like 1# especially...
pandka · 2009-11-19: 03:32
finbarr Wonderful shots !! l like B/W the most,
finbarr · 2009-11-19: 03:50
tomie i like them all...they have different mood.
tomie · 2009-11-19: 04:06
????? Nice shots! I like having both options - camera versatility and the photoshop-like tools.
????? · 2009-11-19: 07:56
dontblink I especially like the BW. Very nice.
dontblink · 2009-11-19: 07:56
lookagain Very interesting to see the differences....all special in their own way. Great idea for a post, Lynn!
lookagain · 2009-11-19: 07:57
????? you know I am in-camera girl; It is so amazing what a camera will do, isn't it??? Great shot you chose to prove the contrast!
????? · 2009-11-19: 08:47
onlyricky I really dont know which one is the best!
I like the BW the most!:)
onlyricky · 2009-11-19: 09:49
nirol Very nice to see different toning! Great idea!
nirol · 2009-11-19: 10:03
agnes65 beautiful shot, love them all, #2 most, don´t know why !!!!
agnes65 · 2009-11-19: 10:05
gonia it is practical in camera, but in software you can make as you wish more or less contrast and so on,from this set i like bw. the most.try to do bw your orchids, we 'll see the results.
gonia · 2009-11-19: 10:50
SunFlower1990 Nice set! Of course I pick the last one.
SunFlower1990 · 2009-11-19: 11:47
????? The coloured one for me!
????? · 2009-11-19: 11:53
????? Every once in a while I'll use the sepia mode, and more often I try the B&W mode, but its still not as good as using photoshop....sometimes the darker tones arent picked up....thus, I always end up adding more contrast.....but love your shots!
????? · 2009-11-19: 12:52
Unchained I like the B/W version, although I prefer normally colour pictures. Great shot.
Unchained · 2009-11-19: 13:25
BuffyEyes I agree with Katlover. God Bless Photoshop. Amen.
BuffyEyes · 2009-11-19: 22:24
Ryana For black and white photos I use photoshop, in my opinion they are better than with the camera set on black and white image.

Like this shot very much, it is a great composition!
Ryana · 2009-11-20: 07:47
eternity65 I always take my shots in colour, and go b/w with PS too.
Lovely shot!!
eternity65 · 2009-11-20: 14:05
leocheung For this shot, I like the color version best. Beautiful.
leocheung · 2009-11-20: 22:39
nssco50 Lovely!! b/w:))
nssco50 · 2009-11-20: 23:19
Najeli For me the last one is the best ;)
Najeli · 2009-11-21: 18:03
miltonjacob three different atmospheres. love them all
miltonjacob · 2009-11-21: 19:01
HGuerreirophoto nice ones
HGuerreirophoto · 2009-11-22: 12:11
sitek i like all :) nice shot.
sitek · 2009-11-23: 06:36
blackhawk1552 I like the way you captured the subject and the foreground Lynn , Very nice! If you really want to see the actual result of your camera , you have to have a Gray card or something gray place on the subject , set your camera to auto , then take a one shot , after that copy what's in the settings of your camera and do it on Manual Mode, That would be your Patterned Setting on all your shot on that place regardless how many shot you make , you could see the actual toning and colors! By the way you could buy a 50% gray art paper on any Art Store! lol! thank you so much for sharing Lynn...
Best regards ,
blackhawk1552 · 2009-11-23: 10:18
????? Something I haven't tried yet. Nice experiment and picture! I like that sepia.
????? · 2009-11-24: 23:52
tehcpeng love them all .. but like the sepia most.. ;-)
tehcpeng · 2009-11-25: 06:50
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