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Ludwik · 2007-10-09: 14:54
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these all yours??
AustinHill · 2007-10-06: 17:46
fantastic shot, great colors.
Thank You
????? · 2007-09-02: 09:16
????? i know :) Ive found a few and they are nice :)
Embhe · 2007-09-02: 07:26
Embhe Dank je voor de ongeloofelijk lieve commentaren ... de twijfel wordt zo steeds een beetje minder ... misschien toch wat meer vertrouwen in mezelf krijgen. Jouw foto's zijn echt super!!! prachtige portretten!
Chevy · 2007-09-01: 19:49
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beautiful set!!
Thank you for the kind comments today :0) I hope you have a great weekend!
????? · 2007-08-30: 22:29
????? I was in Holand once when I was flying back to the USA from Germany. All I got to see were the wooden shoes in the airport.....:))

I love the European people. They (at least when I was there) are such kind and loving people. I was so impressed by the ones that had not been tainted by the American GI's and their lack of tact. I always tried to present a pleasing and kind appearance to them. I hope I succeeded. Some of us are still nice people.....

Your photography is to be envied. I can tell much about you by how you shoot your subjects. What I preseve is a nice person with much passion and emotion. Good work and it was a pleasure conversing with you. I wish you many blessing from above......
????? · 2007-08-30: 01:33
????? I love your pictures. You have captured the art of lighting. Could you share your method of doing black and whites?

I spent two years in Augsburg and Berlin when I was in the army. I love Germany and it's people. They haven't forgotten what nice is.....:)

????? · 2007-08-22: 04:51
????? I want to thank you for your kind words