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Image from Helys FB site to use flowers for Bible verses.
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Some days are better than others. Today the body feels much better and I'm looking forward to this week.

Art Projects
After the Creighton exhibit started I was reminded that I needed to have some examples of a sculpture project that could be presented to elementary or high school audiences. I choose the fish because the metal sculpture was already completed and needed an exterior finish. The finished sculpture would be used to make paper mache models that are safe and inexpensive for classroom activity. As usual I tend to use my sculptures as models for digital print developments which is another presentation. Children and adults can relate to fish stories and I also have a few of my own to share. School starts this week so I’m in a bit of a hurry to produce the first model.

Interview with Helys (drafting)
Last month I started to interview photoblogger Helys and it is my fault that I have delayed the process. I realized that the forum is not my most comfortable area. I’m more relaxed out here in the studio, especially since I’m somewhat behind schedule. Yesterday I was working outdoors and answering questions. It was way more relaxing and less stressful. So I’m going to interview Helys out here while I’m working on this FISH story.

I wanted to interview Helys because of my interest in Paris, which is the source of many of her photos. When I visit Paris, I’m usually passing through and never spend enough time to see any local celebrations. I think that most tourists who visit Paris are looking for the landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, Notre Dame, etc. Helys’ posts of Paris are not so much about buildings but about people and activities.

So I asked her in English and French, ‘What events in Paris did she like to cover? Now when I’m in France I can usually express what I want to say, but writing in French is another story. I decided to use the Google Translate site and I have to say that it works well to a degree. One or two misinterpreted words can give a different meaning to something. It takes a little care and patience but no ‘need to rush’, as Dancing Dolphin told me.

Maharba: “I wish to thank you so much for sharing your images of Paris. It is easy to feel like we can explore the city and visit places, people and culture through your special view. I wonder if you have a special event in Paris that you like to cover.”

There are many things going on in Paris, but I never miss three events:
1/ The Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in front of the Town Hall in the city centre and in the Chinese quarter… I really like the celebration in the 13th arrondissement (district)
2/ The feast of Ganesh held in the 18th district. We call that day “India by the Seine"

3/ The Harvest Festival, a Korean event. It’s held every year in the "Jardin d'acclimatation - Jardin de Séoul" in the 16th district.

I’ve been covering these events for the last four years. They’re so full of colour and music. I also conclude with a meal in a restaurant with family and friends.
It’s one way of travelling without having to leave Paris!
I’m also interested in:
- Japan expo
- Salon du chocolat (the chocolate trade fair)
- Salon de la photo (the photography fair)

I’ve done at least two covers for each event!
I’m not covering them at the moment because there are too many people.
But I will try to go back to the Salon du Chocolat, as it’s a real treat for the eyes – and palate! There are also expos showing work by trainee chocolatiers that are a lot of fun.

I like your flower photos. Is there a favorite place in Paris to take garden photos ?

I adore flowers. At the beginning, I just used to walk in the parks to relax. I didn’t take photos! ... But I realized four years ago that photographing flowers is just as hard as portraits of people. So I started doing it one day. I posted my pictures on our blog and the comments I got encouraged me to look at flowers more closely.

It’s become serious for me now, because I look at flowers like human beings… and I’m still photographing them – in the sunshine, after rain, in the shade...

You often post photos with the element of water present. I especially like the water drops on flowers. What is your technical approach to capture these wonderful images?

I really like photographing flowers after it’s rained, because the air is clean; there’s more visibility and… I go hunting for raindrops!
Flower photographs are better very early in the morning at sunrise or just when the sun is setting (between 6 and 8 p.m. depending on the season).
Looking for drops (dew or raindrops) is part of my daily routine!

Is photography a part of your profession and do you use other internet sites to post photos?

I’m an instructor and researcher in geography/cartography, so I used a lot of photos but never had time to take some myself!
After my children were born in the 90s, I started to take photographs because my children constantly asked for fairytales, legends and the customs of my home country, Madagascar.
In 2000 I created several cultural websites in Malagasy, English and French to share the rich Malagasy cultural heritage. After a while I became a blogger and now… I have many FB pages.
One of them is a page on flowers and leaves:

My flower photos are also used as material for Bible scripture: -

I also have an FB page in Malagasy to teach the language to young people: "Comment voir et agir pour faire une photo: Notions de base en photographie" [how to see and behave to take a photograph – basic photographic concepts]:

To be continued……………………….
Pi314 Packaging is art too :)
Pi314 · 2015-08-13: 07:44
maharba Thanks so much for the constructive feedback. You are dealing with someone who is learning how to ‘grow old’ and continue to function and be productive. My plan is to move the interview to the forum area after I have it completed. I’m determined to make the interview document reflect what I had in mind before things became a ‘little more challenging’. You have been so helpful and patient. The next thing I have to learn is how to link the posts (photos) to the interview.
maharba · 2015-08-13: 10:01
????? on a positive note ..this photo came out pretty good,
so glad you had a little bit of time to do Art work in your extreme
busy schedule.
????? · 2015-08-13: 15:52
????? also Abe
good job by the way for this Metal work..
I saw the painted result ..
????? · 2015-08-13: 17:16
DancingDolphin Is there a man alive who doesn't have a FISH story! :-) Actually I seem to remember you sharing one once... didn't you have a fish in a fish bowl on your desk once upon a time?

Working outdoors sound lovely... too HOT here right now for that. Let me know if you need help posting your interview of Olga to the forum once it's complete. Getting the photos interspersed with the text is definitely the tricky part. Start by choosing some unused date far back in your blog and posting all of Olga's photos that you want to include there.

DancingDolphin · 2015-08-13: 23:52
tomie Fish is awesome idea! I guess it will be Fantastic.
tomie · 2015-08-14: 08:23
miclaud Cool!!!
miclaud · 2015-11-14: 10:33
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