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At the Top of the Mountain

Yesterday some friends and I went on a 16 mile day hike through two of the high peaks in the Adirondak Mountain range. This was the longest hike I have ever done, and what made it worse was I was carrying all of my camera equipment and a tripod strapped to my bag.

It was totaly worth it though. I have over two hundred pictures and the sights I saw there were breathtaking.

I will share some of them over the next few days.
vollenda Great shot. It must have felt so good to reach the top. I look forward to your photos.
vollenda · 2008-07-14: 00:36
jodycmoore I never would have made it, (I am feeling your pain,) so congratulations because you did made it, and I bet the shots are amazing.
jodycmoore · 2008-07-14: 02:40
Elazbieta nice shot. congratulations :]
Elazbieta · 2008-07-14: 13:48
storytaylor that my friend is freedom
storytaylor · 2008-07-15: 09:28
Madoc I absolutely can't wait to see more of the shots you've brought back from up there.
The beauty and majesty of the sights with your vision...Wow!

And this shots is amazing!!!
Madoc · 2008-07-15: 15:29
cariad brilliant shot...cant wait to see the others :)
cariad · 2008-07-15: 16:40
StevenJ Last year - (maybe the year before.) - the Schenectady Photographic Society had a monthly theme of unusual angle. This came to my mind immediately because I thought of how unique and interesting this photo is - I'm sure it would have done very well that month :)

To me - it looks like your friend is about to go head first down a mountain. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not -but this photo is still a great example of how we can come up with something totally unique by holding the camera at a different angle. Congratulations on a great shot!!!
StevenJ · 2008-07-16: 22:34
HazCam great shot;
i'm ready for more....
HazCam · 2008-07-18: 20:35
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