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Trip to the Nursing Home

Very sad place.

I was intrigued by all of the depressing imagery around the place.
lynnsgallery2 You captured the feel of the nursing home the way it truly is. I really like #7 nicely done.
lynnsgallery2 · 2008-12-15: 23:05
Iwanowski Excellent set. I used to work in a nursing home, images 1,2,5,6,7 get my strongest votes. Great work.
Iwanowski · 2008-12-16: 05:19
stormfish this is a very respectful approach to the topic. thank you for that... unusual for a photographer.
stormfish · 2008-12-16: 08:14
longimanus I think it looks sad when looked at with a young eye... sad because we worry ending up there. Its part of life and thanks god there are places like that.
longimanus · 2008-12-16: 10:25
dgarun Thanks a lot to you for this shots, and in my first attempt I was going to ask you, despite of thousands beautiful places in this world why you had go to a Nursing Home to take these sad shots, that very moment I show the comment of longimanus, and it open my eyes towards a new horizon. Towards a new and absolute thinking.
Thanks a lot to you both.
dgarun · 2008-12-16: 11:15
dgarun . . . and in my personal opinion, the saddest shot of this series is the 3rd one.
This shot was shaked me from the root. . .
dgarun · 2008-12-16: 11:21
Madoc Your honesty and your respect for those people shows here.
All very emotional to me, especially #6. I don't really know why...the door, the light...
Strong post, Makai.
Madoc · 2008-12-16: 12:42
leocheung An expressive, emotional post.
leocheung · 2008-12-16: 21:22
Cherax Yes, strong stuff. I find these very depressing places.
Cherax · 2008-12-17: 04:23
NoreGretForeVer Wonderful set! I learned how to see things in prepestive from your photography!
NoreGretForeVer · 2008-12-17: 05:29
carmitage A post to stop and to make you think. Not easy to take such pictures.
I have seen worst places
carmitage · 2008-12-17: 10:48
marcinescu one hell of a set, the angel looks amazing, this light is superb
marcinescu · 2008-12-17: 15:48
buweneke emotional, very nice.
buweneke · 2008-12-17: 17:02
NellyBly Nicely done..Makes me thankful I'm not there yet and to live each day as a gift.
NellyBly · 2008-12-17: 22:08
Dragana beautiful ... the first and the fifth one especially
Dragana · 2008-12-18: 14:07
redro Old age is what it's sad anywhere and anyway, and the place reflects the isolation and the loneliness of those persons despite of the care they get....
redro · 2008-12-18: 19:30
????? Those places usually make me feel really sad too
????? · 2008-12-20: 02:18
pollak this images are so strange. they remind me of that movie "the savages", same hard suffocating atmosphere. #7 shows exactly this feeling. powerlessness
pollak · 2008-12-23: 15:58
pluvieux Love the first and the last. Great lighting!
pluvieux · 2008-12-29: 17:28
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