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Having our son has made me think of a lot of things differently. Sometimes I watch him look around, amused by everything he sees. Then you realize everything he is looking at is fresh and new. There are no memories, people or words attached to them. I tried it once out of curiosity. I tried to empty my mind of words and speech. I thought purely in images, sounds, textures, tastes and smells. Everything, even the most drab surroundings seemed more vivid. I felt I could notice details more too. Maybe it is because when we are so wrapped up with thinking about how to express ideas in words we miss out on the world around us. By eliminating the thought of language from ones mind, you return to the root of thought. You return to what it is to be a child all over again.
lynnsgallery2 BRILLIANT!!! Love the drop of water splashing off to the right. Your words are so very true...I should try that more often.
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-07-07: 22:42
????? wise words, great realisation ;-)
????? · 2009-07-08: 04:09
SunFlower1990 I so agress. Nice shot!
SunFlower1990 · 2009-07-08: 17:10
longimanus so its so far... so happy for you, time runs like a mad tornado... your words remind me of rebirth, yes, I think when they are born, a part of our mind is reborn too, to be able to perceive the world through their eyes - as it is long forgotten - in order to understand them better and so we grow with them together :-)
longimanus · 2009-07-10: 16:25
Fleee nice photo
Fleee · 2009-07-15: 07:23
davidcardona Beautiful take and wonderful words! cOngrAts!
davidcardona · 2009-07-18: 07:49
storytaylor enjoy every moments.
storytaylor · 2009-07-19: 16:23
qarqafoto Great:)
qarqafoto · 2009-07-20: 05:19
????? Yes, indeed. You are right.
While growing up we are just recipients filled with dogmas, theories and so on... when I realized that I try to be detached and being "pure" again... getting rid of those dogmas, theories and pre-canned ideas I was taught at school, in society... It takes a big effort to be a free and inquiring mind, but I can't be otherwise and I'm happy of that :-)
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust and I share totally. Take care and enjoy your baby.
????? · 2009-07-25: 14:21
????? P.S. I'm not a mother and never had kids, anyway, unfortunately... But my spirit is free and curious and sensitive...
????? · 2009-07-25: 14:24
pinkynomore kind of trippy to just really see and that is cool i think there is probably so much we can perceive if we hush our busy busy chatty minds
pinkynomore · 2009-07-26: 22:58
escipio Beautiful shot and wise words. It's an interesting exercise, though detaching from the image - idea associations that we have built over the years it's difficult, even for a few minutes. Shapes, colors, textures and lines... is still there a moment for them in our fast lifes?
escipio · 2009-08-03: 15:53
peace4kidss fantasticcccccccccccc
peace4kidss · 2009-08-04: 23:21
akepenguin Nice moment to stop by and read your word!

akepenguin · 2010-05-01: 03:52
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