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happypowder123 · 2011-01-20: 16:16
happypowder123 They (the colors of yours) seem so raw, so... understated, yet completely vivid in their own right. That doesn't sound exactly like the way I feel about them, but they really catch my eye.

I'm pleased that you've chosen my blog to visit! Currently, I'm posting pictures from the trip to France I took this past Summer. A lot of these pictures are bland and uninteresting (and often artisticly lacking and just plain terrible), but I feel the need to post as many as I can for documentation purposes, and some of them turned out OK I think!

Also, I'm glad you've returned to Photoblog! Yours is a blog that I loved--and love--to follow.

stormfish · 2011-01-20: 11:34
stormfish then come back! too many like you who really had something to say in this community have left, for one reason or the other. it's sad, but honestly, i understand everyone who leaves and tries to find better support for the passion that is photography elsewhere; because here be some dragons and here be some scoundrels. in the end, it's like it is with everything in the internet: just a pretty precise copy of reality. let's use it for what it's worth! :-)
smbunation · 2011-01-20: 10:21
I didn't know they were still around. cool.
Still around - kicking ass and taking names. =)
longimanus · 2010-08-16: 06:52
longimanus when jamie was still a baby, my husband always wished he was older, because he couldnt wait to do all the crazy stuff fathers do with their sons (biking on the fields, collecting disguisting insects, playing football etc...) I believe now he often wishes he could turn back or at least slow down time ;) its all going far too fast indeed, next tuesday he goes to kindergarden! but the memory of holding them in the palm of our hands as newborns will never fade. we can recall it anytime... wish you all the joy of the world seeing your son growing :)
longimanus · 2010-08-12: 09:36
It has been a long while since I have seen your blog. It seems your son has grown much in the passing time. Beautiful.
was so glad to hear from you... and your son must be walking soon and turning your world upside down already ;) missing your photography :)
????? · 2009-12-02: 11:11
????? well I just have senn that website-address on your profile and I was itnerested so I've taken a look. And I like them a lot ! I wish You the bests and to keep this special and unique photography of yours as original as it is now. Stay focused and the moments entitled to You will find You ! ;)
????? · 2009-12-02: 10:31
Reply ⇔ Introsense
Beautiful. The lighting is dramatic the pose is interesting. I like it a lot.
I'm glad you like it ! Thank You Makaid !
????? · 2009-12-02: 03:19
????? i love the bird in your blog, i mean your proper blog, your other blog. love it ! of course i love all your posts here as well so i guess i'll have to add you :)
????? · 2009-11-20: 10:45
Reply ⇔ Timelord
#3 in favorites. Very creative.
Thanks :-)
longimanus · 2009-10-07: 08:11
Reply ⇔ Spinning
Yes it is very much alright. Make the best of everything.
exact and perfect summary of what I`ve felt. best we can. thats enough. thank you.