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Nfl News:If NFL players participate in the Olympic project

First:Sports genius in the United States play in the NFL

Sports genius in the United States play in the NFL, these athletes are sent to the Olympic Games, they should participate in what items, "the Wall Street Journal invited a number of Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Olympic athletes, the player features of the integrated project requirements, given the range of answers.
1.Javelin - Michael - Wake the line speed, arm explosive
2.Table Tennis Doubles - Brady and Wilke, understanding, and agile
3.Greco-Roman wrestling - Enda Mu Kong - the Soviet Union, strong and fast pace of
4.Race - Victor - Cruz, stable hip movements and the pace of
5.Springboard diving - Ray - Rice, power, body control
6.Discus - Jason - Pierre - Paul, wingspan, and hip strength

Second:TO signed with the Seattle Seahawks leave a year after his return Derek Jeter Jersey to do so

According to ESPN reports, the Seattle Seahawks have taken over and the outer Trail - Owens (Terrell Owens) signed a $ 925,000 contract. Owens on Monday to participate in the workout of the Seahawks, his performance left a deep impression on the team, he ran 40 yards in 4.45 seconds results. 2010 season,Owens, Cincinnati Bengals 72 ball 983 yards and nine touchdowns. The end of the season after left knee surgery last season, he did not get any NFL team offered him a contract.Owens was 38 years old, according to statistics, last season there are at least 20 times the ball players, only Hakeem Nicks Jersey the Green Bay Packers Donald - Dreyfus Lai over the age of 35. Hynes - Ward and Tony - Gonzalez ball over 20 times, but they last season was only 35 years old.Owens in the Indoor Football League, Allen Wranglers last year played in eight games, 35 ball 420 yards and 10 touchdowns. He was fired in March this year, also lost in the team's shares.

At Last:Parker to bring the new girlfriend spectators handball big show of loving Yan evil of others

August 5, 2012, summarized in the London Olympics in France and Iceland in a handball game, the French star Tony - Parker, together with a new girlfriend Axelle match, two people in the audience from time to time a big show of loving.
Competition has just started the U.S. team more flowering to 14-8 lead after three-pointers, the first section of the number of Joba Chamberlain Jersey pointers to seven, but Argentina also maintained a very high hit rate from the scene and the momentum on not strive. Argentina and even in this section at the end of a 32-31 lead after Durant hit a two-pointer by the Cavaliers, the United States 34-32 re-overtake. Argentina "threading" Ginobili stable performance in the first section, as always, there are 11 points for Houston.

Iguodala performance of the U.S. team after the start of the Section II became active, one of Glenealy 4, including 2012 London Olympics a note of complement buckle, the U.S. team leading 40-35. More than half of this section, Gutierrez hit third, the two sides battle 45-45. The two sides are relatively smooth on offense, but are unable to guard the opponent. The end of the first half, Manu Ginobili near midfield by James tripped and hit two free throws, Argentina to 59-60 only 1 point behind.James, the first half just nine points in the third quarter to strengthen the offensive, one arranged for the United States earlier in this section 7 points. Durant also struck the first blow, and constantly shot hit the outside of the festival hit five three-pointers, including a record of nearly 9 meters pointers. In this section, 1 minute 52 seconds remaining, the U.S. team leading 93-74 with 19 points. Before the end of this section, Anthony hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers, single lay a 42-17 victory in the situation ahead 102-76 after three New York Islanders Jerseys
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