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Day 90 - Writing Theme Day!

I can say that this pencil is this small because of me. The eraser is just a prop....I hardly ever use a stand alone eraser. Canon 5D
How we first learn to write. Canon 5D
Because everyone needs a calligraphy shot. I focused a lot on the tools we use to write with. Canon 5D
A treasured letter. Canon 5D
Which weapon do you chose? Canon 5D
This is my journal. The front cover has The Great Wave by Hokusai on it. Most of the time I use it to organize my thoughts. Canon 5D
I like this one a lot. It could be argued that tattooing is drawing, but my tattoo is script. Canon 5D
Today I proved to myself I could multi task even with the bare minimum of energy. I managed to take my theme pictures and watched the kids/and played and got all the errands done. I will say I feel like I pulled it off by the skin of my teeth. I went to the gas station today and bought some snacks and payed for my gas and then....I drove off...with out actually putting gas in my car :) For anyone concerned, I did go back to the gas station after about 2 minutes of driving.

So I guess I'm suppose to link everyone involved in the theme of the day. If I mess this up....I'm sorry.

Ok...cross your fingers
LevonTheLights i like #3 best
LevonTheLights · 2010-01-26: 22:15
netmatic As always, great set!
netmatic · 2010-01-27: 01:39
tomie great post! i like 4 and last one the most!
tomie · 2010-01-27: 01:52
revenant The small pencil and the large eraser (which Brits still call a rubber, but I won't here) can be explained as follows: you write a lot and don't make mistakes.

Choice of weapons? Well, you blackguard, I'll meet you at dawn with biros.

Well done with such a result if you're running on empties. Impressive and truly interesting. I like the severity and simplicity of your monos.

I've really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to next week's. Who knows what the theme will be, but I hope you feel energetic enough to take part and make another valued contribution.
revenant · 2010-01-27: 02:03
????? fantastic....I like the idea of of your group and themes......great inspiration, thanks for shareing

????? · 2010-01-27: 02:52
????? now were talking... love it missy... you and revenant did some nice things with witting utensils this week...
????? · 2010-01-27: 03:27
huiching Nice composition. Best suits for the theme.
huiching · 2010-01-27: 05:10
kmack Great set! I really love the first shot. The black and white makes it even more dramatic.
kmack · 2010-01-27: 07:13
Lynda A great set
Lynda · 2010-01-27: 08:27
girafferacing Great set Heather. I love the variety of images you came up with.
girafferacing · 2010-01-27: 09:40
MoMac Lovely set . BTW you spelt my name "Moira" wrong. Happens a lot though even when people pronounce my name , they sometimes say it as you wrote it.
MoMac · 2010-01-27: 09:41
fotografya I loved your style of contrasty and simplicity. Good work. Congratulations...
fotografya · 2010-01-27: 13:02
????? Great set Heather! I love the compositions ... the b&w ones are quite striking ... impressive collection. I agree about the tattooing, the tool is used for scripting ... glad you chose to include it.
????? · 2010-01-27: 16:48
????? #4 and #7 are awesome.
????? · 2010-01-28: 04:35
mondi Wow... I like all of 'em!
mondi · 2010-01-28: 08:26
miclaud Very original!
miclaud · 2010-01-29: 08:31
disko love em
disko · 2010-01-29: 17:26
clairewd I love no4, the handwriting is so beautiful
clairewd · 2010-01-30: 15:26
SusieG Beautiful composition! The first shot is my favorite - there's something mystical about it! Very well done!
SusieG · 2010-02-01: 14:58
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