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Day 172 - Strangers in the Park and a Squirrel

Optical illusion!
almost a triangle
I may come back to this one and touch it up
I was walking around and saw this tough guy staring at me.
The park is full of strangers...
Time to get to work...
She took him by surprise with the kiss.
I was siked that we got to go up on the roof (see writing below) so much so that I used the word siked
So this was more for my own enjoyment...not really part of the engagement session. I later found out that she gets very nervous looking over the edge.
Today was a day of the unexpected...sortof. I slept in after our very long bike ride yesterday and I had an engagement shoot later in the afternoon. The couple and I had talked about doing a very basic shoot around the downtown area, so I got there early and played a bit with my lens. Once the engagement shoot started, I found out that the bride's dad owned one of the buildings downtown and offered to let us go on the roof. It's not every day that I get to go on top of a 12 story building. It was the highlight of my day!
????? tl;dr

#4 omg mr. squirrel face!

#10 did they jump together?

also - show off!
????? · 2010-04-19: 01:52
????? #3 is really fantastic. i like how you angled it... and do it in b&w...
????? · 2010-04-19: 02:01
slowpete enjoyable set
love the angles used
slowpete · 2010-04-19: 02:18
drohask This is a great set. The fact that you could get your couple to stand near the edge when the bride was nervous about heights is a testiment of your ability to put your clients at ease. Then again, you were also able to get that fiesty squirrel to strike a pose!
drohask · 2010-04-19: 10:26
manuele beautiful set
manuele · 2010-04-19: 10:54
photographygems Like the odd angle on the last one. The first three abstracts are great, especially number 3, and I love the flower framing of number 5.
photographygems · 2010-04-19: 10:55
smbunation Cooool. My acrophobia probably would have kicked in a little bit though.
smbunation · 2010-04-19: 12:40
MeusCorpus awesome.....what a bonus!
MeusCorpus · 2010-04-19: 15:19
revenant Thank goodness Doisneau had vertigo. Otherwise, he'd be worried...
revenant · 2010-04-20: 02:10
Davorka No .# 4 GREaT !
Davorka · 2010-04-20: 07:31
lookagain Love the diversity in this set! Some really nice looks and angles. #4 - haha.....#5 - very interesting - what do you think he was reading? Couple shots are very nice....
lookagain · 2010-04-20: 09:36
HelenaGeo very nice!!!!
HelenaGeo · 2010-04-20: 13:31
kmack I really like the lines in the first few pictures. Great work
kmack · 2010-04-20: 22:29
pammydaisy i like no. 3 the way it is! keep up the great work and the project...i really do enjoy your photos
pammydaisy · 2010-04-21: 04:52
pammydaisy i forgot to comment too that no. 6 is a fav...i love this shot so romantic and playful
pammydaisy · 2010-04-21: 04:53
Robertpetergee great set the squirrel looks ace!! and the dude reading the book is a brilliant capture
Robertpetergee · 2010-04-21: 09:31
girafferacing Great set. That squirrel is so cute!! :-)
girafferacing · 2010-04-22: 15:34
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