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proud huntress with her trusted porter, ki'du. my big sister's dog; she found him half dead in a pile of rotten cloth, fed him from her own rations and taught him to fetch game. none of us dare to go near her when ki'du doesn't allow it.

me'wal is 5 years ahead of me. i always looked up to her. she always looks down; little brother who wants it all, gets it not, tries again, helps a lot, finds the spot, gets me hot, is my pal, takes it all.

she loves me back, i know. she doesn't care what all the other ibus think when we hug and dance, roll our skinny asses on the ground, run half naked through the bolo and annoy everyone who gets in our way. i'm my sister's keeper, she's her brother's coin of change.

she even taught me to kiss. it was strange but my lips sizzled from her touch, her scent in my nose, the powerful mist of kinship... i think. or was there something else? something i can't name, that does not exist in words, just in looks, touches, contact, sharing.

it will make me cry in pain when she has to go, one day.

(another side of me'wal here)
giangi Excellent composition, I love dogs!
giangi · 2011-09-06: 11:55
????? i suppose when she does have to go it will be one of those times when 2 bolos claim the same game. and she will be the carrier of one the new generation.

oh. and you need to think up a name for me. if i'm going to be writing more i will be needing a name :))
????? · 2011-09-06: 12:41
????? i like that you chose a colored girl :))
????? · 2011-09-06: 12:42
lelle Fine picture.
lelle · 2011-09-06: 13:38
angil It reminded me a book excerpt from Moebius.
angil · 2011-09-07: 04:38
jeffcornish This is such a cool post! Powerful!
jeffcornish · 2011-09-07: 08:41
longimanus not sure where your story takes place - i guess doesnt matter as it sounds like a distant life on earth where borders dont play a role anymore - but she definitely has some swiss characteristics (i think of heidi and william tell;)
longimanus · 2011-09-07: 09:29
lyency in spite of our fundamental political differences, we eventually agree in that mawey is male, he has never had a sister, except in his phantasy, but he desparately would like to have a real one
lyency · 2011-09-07: 11:09
????? Me'wal sounds, and looks, like one tough, sexy broad. She's got definite leadership qualities.
Enthralling post, as always :)
????? · 2011-09-07: 11:15
janec Gorgeous girl & LOL at frommydesk
janec · 2011-10-03: 12:23
caroleagle I started from the beginning (again) I keep wanting to comment but I haven't got TIME...got to read the next one :) Loving it. Very hooked on the words. Have to make an effort to look at the pictures.. I do make the effort though and it is always worth it..
caroleagle · 2012-02-01: 08:52
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