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menu of the day: resignation (II)

the kid had his pot too :D
terrible backlight, but I love the sparkling pot there :D
and the dog :D
handsome couple of demonstrators :-)
"Prime Minister wanted: honest, decent, observant of the Constitution.
NO mythomaniacs, sexaddicted, corrupted and blackmailable people.
Histrionics are not welcomed"
the sign says "ban him"
backlight is evil...
"Menu of the day: resignation": this was the slogan of today's manifestation in Maggiore Square, asking for Berlusconi's resignation while banging pots and covers :-)
It is the first time I take photos of a manifestation, I don't know if I did good.
????? Resignation?! No! Never! We Italians are just paying the results and consequences of almost 20 years of pornocracy and shameless arrogant corruption! Enough is enough! We all CITIZENS are involved in politics, we must feel our country and our wellbeing as a community. SHARING is democracy. Not watching, but just partecipating.
If I hadn't the flu I should be in Firenze protesting today and tomorrow with my pot, too! ;-)
Great set and reportage. Like no. 4... anche perché è tempo di Carnevale... and for our politics, which is tragic and comic at the same time, seems always Carnival... :-/
????? · 2011-02-12: 16:24
????? P.S. For your information, I lost my qualified job when I was already 40 and since then I had only precarious shitty paid jobs... I was put out of the job market in Italy.
I want my job, my money, my dignity, my savings... all back! I want MY LIFE BACK !! before it's too late. Here it seems I have no more future and I'm still young... I can't accept that! They've stolen my present, many years of my life, and don't want they steal my future, too.
I want to kick all our politicians in the ass!
????? · 2011-02-12: 16:30
MARETKA88 really neat post !!!
MARETKA88 · 2011-02-12: 17:40
stamatisgr wonderful post Mary! Of course you did good!
Today (Sunday) at 12.30 the italian people who live in Athens will make a pot protest in front of the italian embassy at the center of Athens. Me and my wife are probably going to attend it and shoot some shots ;)
stamatisgr · 2011-02-13: 01:39
cpneumann Mi piace questo reportage! :)
E, ti dirò... la luce dietro ha il suo fascino! Dà quel tocco di "Crepa nel muro" che fa intravvedere la luce... Che è un po' quello che tutti gli italiani si augurano! :)))
cpneumann · 2011-02-13: 10:24
PawKam nice set :)
PawKam · 2011-02-14: 12:30
giangi Bellissimo reportage. Riesci a rendere l'atmosfera che si respira in queste manifestazione. Grazie!
giangi · 2011-02-15: 11:50
????? beautiful reportage - i esp love the second one
????? · 2011-02-15: 12:15
helys Great job
Thanks for this good report :))
helys · 2011-02-17: 04:58
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