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manish36177 · 2013-07-21: 23:18
manish36177 Hi Michael, some month ago, I was searching a photo site. I seen this site and feel like this is a perfect. Amazing. I found here lots many people having same interest and very kind. This site is a great idea.
Just need to make it bigger. like Facebook. Make mobile application. That is really needy.
Rockmutt · 2012-10-15: 21:06
Rockmutt Just wanted to say i love this site. Thank you.
andrewreiner · 2011-10-08: 18:35
Wow, your work is excellent :)
thank you!
michibee · 2011-10-05: 15:59
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If you click the months in the "archive" box, it'll take you to the view where you can see the images in the calendars: http://www.photoblog.com/michibee/2011/06/
Thanks Michael - that is helpful. I guess the difference is that it's more clicks away.
michibee · 2011-10-03: 19:16
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Hey, The calendar is still viewable by clicking the "Archives" link under your username in the upper right hand corner :)
Thanks Michael - but I really wish that the image on the day it was taken were back on the calendar. Is it possible to have that back?
hellojoe · 2011-05-26: 14:54
hellojoe Hi Michael!
Just opened an account but glad to see another wonderful project created by (what I'm assuming according to your blog) a fellow Berkeley student! Go Bears! :)
AndroidPhotography · 2011-05-06: 18:13
AndroidPhotography Hello Michael,
Sorry to bother you, but I had one request which I can only meet you. I am a member of a photoblog "Android9266" and I want to change the user name to "AndroidPhotography. If it were possible I would like. Thank you very much. Lukas
kufferschmidt · 2011-02-24: 15:01
kufferschmidt Hello Michael, I've been trying for a few days to submit my "lonely bird" , for this weeks theme 'lonely', but without succes; the posting on the blog went well, can you help me? Greetings Filip.
AKphotospassion · 2010-10-23: 14:09
AKphotospassion Michael,
i want to thank you for making photoblog a nice enivorment to post pictures know that ppl are very apperchated!
CapeMaySunsets · 2010-09-05: 22:31
CapeMaySunsets Hi Michael, I am sorry I am computer illit.
I tried to submit "My Town" and I for some odd reason copied another persons theme. I did it twice. I erased my cache and I was able to copy my link. But My Town Nottigham is copied twice, once as New Jersey and the second time as Cape May NJ....