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????? · 2008-09-20: 03:57
????? thank you very much for the answer.
is it possible control the databases?..
is there a risk for all the accounts?
does neutrino lose all the posts?
thank you
????? · 2008-09-19: 15:42
????? How is it possible?
thank you in advance for the answer
LeonardoDaNiepce · 2008-09-18: 11:03
LeonardoDaNiepce Thanks Mike!
Cabecilha · 2008-09-17: 06:28
I want to thank everyone for the 30 or so flag requests from this post.. sorry the sensors are keeping it
MikeZupan :)

thanks for your visit... and I'm glad that HUMOR RULES! :)

Cabecilha · 2008-09-17: 05:28 · Reply · Delete
LeonardoDaNiepce · 2008-09-11: 21:44
LeonardoDaNiepce Hi There Mike!

September 11, 2001 will always be an infinitely sad and disturbing memory for me.

Personal loss beyond measure...

Anyway, I'm here in London and I really, really like your Memorial Photos. Would you be so kind as to consider gifting me a copy...sent directly to my e-mail address at thefreeadviceman@infinitysociety.org ? And may I use it for non-commercial purposes on my own The Original New York City Free Advice Man web-site?


Best, with utmost respect,

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo
The Original New York City Free Advice Man
(The New Yorker magazine, August 17, 1987)
photopoet · 2008-08-12: 09:22
photopoet Just a note to say thank you. I posted a photo a day for a year and sporadically the following year. My next post is my 500th.

This is a remarkable blog where I'm privileged to see wonderful images of the world's landscapes and its people.

Thanks again.
niurkarey · 2008-07-21: 15:59
niurkarey I got a Canon 10D, let's see how I like it, I think that is going to work for me. Thank you for the suggestion..
shawnseah · 2008-07-20: 10:33
worst part of the city in the summer is the subway which it looks like you got to feel the heat
I think i did bear quite the brunt of it. Not sure if the heat actually made the smell more pungent though. =P

Sendim · 2008-07-19: 00:30
Sendim Hi, sorry to ask this in your personal guestbook but i really would like one answer (i asked in the Forum / Suggestions and Feedback ).

I would like to translate the resources of Photoblog to Mirandese.
It's my mother language and it's the second official language of Portugal since 1999.

Although it's one minority language what Photoblog has to loose by letting me make the translation? I would be very proud and happy .

Thank you,
Cristóvão Pires
ps:You can see more informations here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirandese_language
????? · 2008-06-17: 10:39
????? thanks Mike!! now its mine!!