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295. Christmas Loss & New Year Gift!

On Christmas Day my previous lens (Nikkor 55-200mm) fell down and went under the wheels!! :( Somehow like a "Stoic" I accepted the loss and in New Year made a gift to myself with this new Nikkor 55-300mm. Though I had many options like the perfect 18-200/ 28-300 Nikkor, I went for this as the price was less (292 Euro; but I had to spent the major part of the money that I got during Christmas vacation!!). This lens is strong and does what it claims to do! The bokeh is not as sweet as the previous lens, though!!
SADHYA Oh Milton, what a tragedy. I would have been totally gutted. I am glad you were able to purchase your new lens, and the results are really very lovely, but you will miss the special bokeh of your lost lens.
SADHYA · 2012-01-22: 06:11
girafferacing I'm sorry to hear about your disaster but I'm loving the results from the new lens!
girafferacing · 2012-01-22: 06:47
renatomartins Have fun with it! :-)
renatomartins · 2012-01-22: 07:22
anggrekfoto nice shots.
anggrekfoto · 2012-01-22: 07:59
manuele nice shot
manuele · 2012-01-22: 09:58
tomie sad for your old lens!
i think the pictures are good with your new lens..i 've the nikkor 18-200mm and it's very usuful for the wide scale of focal but less sharp than this one i think..what about the bokeh with 4.5 aperture? may be it will be better though i like it as it is in your pictures!*
last one is wonderful!
tomie · 2012-01-22: 12:33
JumiElla Old year ended with a sad, but a new very nice. Good choice, dear friend. :)
JumiElla · 2012-01-22: 16:17
TIM927 you will enjoy this lense for sure,,glad u could get a new one!
TIM927 · 2012-01-22: 17:00
SheriJ The new lens looks pretty good. Sorry you lost your favorite lens. Hope the vacation was great?
SheriJ · 2012-01-22: 22:23
lookagain Ugh....hate it when things like that happen! Glad you got a new lens....I'm guessing you'll love it more as you use it....beautiful shots!!!
lookagain · 2012-01-23: 00:00
YUKJA I like very much last shot!
YUKJA · 2012-01-24: 04:13
Unchained I hope that the joy of the results of the new lens will counterbalance the sadness of the loss of te previous. :)
Unchained · 2012-01-24: 04:46
????? Congrats on your new lens! Looking forward to many more fabulous shots :))
????? · 2012-01-24: 12:33
Ryana Sorry fot your loss, hope the new lens will be okay to you.
Love the last shot here.
Ryana · 2012-01-28: 17:05
????? The focus of this lens is wonderful photo # 5 is magnificent...
All picture are very beautiful !!!
????? · 2012-01-28: 18:05
honzicek Better to hold on this one!
Good choice.
Nice set!
honzicek · 2012-01-29: 11:37
????? gosh... c'est la vie... stoic eh? Sorry for the loss of the lens.
????? · 2012-02-04: 11:47
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