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Самоков: Бог високо, Цар далеко. Топката лети @ Samokov: No one could help in here!? Black smoke - a good morning for my lungs!

Isn't it a good business? Take some rubbish, bring it over the street, burnt it and sell the iron in it. Great! No one could stop you - Even Samokov Municipality!
Chatting while burning the pile.
My mornings in Samokov *** Samokov - 19th Nov, 2007
Why should one care, how all these people opposit this same street breath? This is Samokov, Bulgaria... btw Europe! The date is 19th of November 2007!
This takes time! White, white winters in Samokov! Good for tourism, isn't it@
O! why not do some more work! Let's gather another pile! Plenty of cars' wheels around Samokov! Full cart!
My sky! Samokov' sky! Catch the wind - blew all that dirt into the town! into the houses! into our lungs! Who cares?!
You... You think that's an exception? Well, not each day I could stay at home, right? It's half past eight!
The policeman talking with the 'firemen'. He really has nothing to do - that is the law. Samokov Municipality should solve the problems...
Burn, burn Samokov
How to explain when they can't understand and there's nothing else to do?!
Well, except leaving...
Тази сутрин... Е, не отидох на работа. И малко послъгах*. Но - дайте ми друг вариант за справяне с беззаконието и с удоволствие ще го приложа. Всяка от "отговорните" институции ми е дала своя си отговор:
- Община Самоков - безсилна е. Копие от писмото им може да се намери тук, на дата 31 Октомври.
- РИОСВ и РИОКОЗ (вж. 30 Октомври, 2007) смятат, че това е проблем на Общината и не могат да направят нищо.
- От полицията и Пожарната са на същото мнение...
Е!? Сега накъде?
послъгах* - на въпроса на полицията "На улицата ли горят гумите?" Отговорих "Да", а в същност те не бяха на платното, но пък какво е "улица"?
No one is responsible here. The Municipality claims helplessness... What to do now?
????? :
????? · 2007-11-19: 08:24
DancingDolphin Keep posting.... start commenting on other blogs... get some people around the world "noticing".... then take THAT to the Municipality....
DancingDolphin · 2007-11-19: 18:36
delfia08 Awful!!!
delfia08 · 2007-11-21: 04:40
garysktam omg... just million of why???
garysktam · 2007-11-21: 08:36
giodinu beautiful, sad post.
giodinu · 2007-11-21: 09:11
Leokurian damn
Leokurian · 2007-11-21: 09:20
SheriJ Very sad post.. Keep posting and post on other photo blogs, Maybe make a you tube video???
SheriJ · 2007-11-21: 10:06
ronin53 What to do now? You altready did a lot posting these pics; don't give up, go ahead, we all will be on your side!!! thanks
ronin53 · 2007-11-21: 10:30
slowpete Powerful set well reported and shared
slowpete · 2007-11-21: 11:24
lexlevans wow - this is sad. it is terrible that you must look at that and breathe that. hopefully something will change soon. you are helping towards making that change by creating awareness.
lexlevans · 2007-11-21: 11:39
lennonf So sad but thanks for making the world aware that these things happen.
lennonf · 2007-11-21: 12:21
peregol Nice set.
peregol · 2007-11-21: 15:04
????? Beautiful and sad story...
????? · 2007-11-21: 15:43
Marlena Omg! so sad :(
Marlena · 2007-11-21: 16:21
brenmotions terrible! i´m so angry and sad, keep posting an you will get people to help you to pass this awful story and you have my support!
brenmotions · 2007-11-22: 01:51
буково листо Моят отговор - не им пука на общинарите, за някаква си околна среда и горящи гуми, защото самите те си изхвърлят обвивката от вафлата на улицата. Не съм видяла, ама съм 101% сигурна. :-(. Справка - миинистър Румен Петков си хвърля фаса небрежно на тротоара. Цяла България го видя. Може би е въпрос на материално сътояние, както предполага един от чужденците, отговорили ти. Не се отказвай, трябва да има и нормални хора в нашата страна.
буково листо · 2007-11-22: 08:20
mysamokov Thank you all, for your support. I am uploading new photos now (tires again, less but tires were burned again!!!). Please, continue posting your comments. I will also try to spread the address of my blog among my friends and colleagues. Thank you!
Благодаря на всички ви за оказаната подкрепа! Моля ви, продължавайте да оставате коментариите си тук. А аз ще продължа да търся решение и да популяризирам този блог с надеждата някой, някъде да си свърши работата... Благодаря!
ПС Днес отново горяха гуми - макар и по-малко количество димът си е дим и ... мирише, и... е вреден. А това, всички знаем е незаконно, не само на Поклади... Ех, да... да не забравям - аз живея в Самоков, България, Европа!?
mysamokov · 2007-11-22: 08:55
Stojan Gipsy Kings Shits!
Stojan · 2007-11-22: 09:49
Zeren Erik Hi Lili! These guys have no idea what kind of carcenogenic pollutants they are exposed to there like POPs! Very bad not only for themselves because they are inhaling them right there, but also for both the humans and the environment in the surrounding! The POPs travel long-distances and persistent in nature. You can easily check the impacts of the POPs from Wikipedia. This is a disaster!

Why do they burn them? To heat themselves up? What if you would tell them that they would get serious diseases because of that? Orü tell the people around that it is their children to get affected in the first place and you should stop it all together?

And, just want to remind you that you are not the only location or country...In Turkey, they do this to get heat in the streets as well, unfortunately, though, it has been some good time that I haven't seen or smelled any.

Zeren Erik · 2007-11-22: 09:55
tina Wow, i've never seen smthng so sad! and at the same time so marvelous,that people are taking a positionm trying to do something!
really continue posting!
tina · 2007-11-22: 10:57
????? incredible....
????? · 2007-11-25: 03:57
eldetnde ohhh. jesus. ... :-(
eldetnde · 2008-01-23: 07:22
DancingDolphin #1 is a great option
DancingDolphin · 2008-01-30: 09:25
mysamokov My fav: 1, 13, 16. I really like 1, only if there was more smoke on it, but... anyway - looks good to me :) ("Lets make lemon juice" ;) Earth from below: a photo contest: Please, nominate your 10 favourites. Use the calendar to navigate. Deadline 31st March. Thank you! :)
mysamokov · 2008-01-31: 06:26
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