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After the letters I've posted to:
Samokov Municipality mayor
Samokov Municipality mayor's reply
Environmental Inspection
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Health Inspection
Health Inspection answer
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Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

My first post here will appear a bit controversial... probably. What is it about: in my opinion - lack of waste management and policy, tires burning and... lack of attention or good will for solving the problem.

I am posting this here, as most of the comments I got are sort of intolerant and most of the people commenting take it all as a minority issue. I believe this isn't true. Your opinion? I think it is problem of decision-making at some levels.

What I expect? Valuable for me are your opinions. How do you think this could be solved? Whom to write next? What should I do?

My posts on the internet are at:

The problem: "Liubcho Baramov" was a toy-factory in Samokov, Bulgaria. In 1990s it was privatized. The group that bought it sold the equipment there and abandoned the property. A difficult period for everybody, soon the whole factory was destroyed. The whole area are ruins. About a year or so ago this space was turned into an illegal waste dumping site. Many people asks is there a place, where people can throw their rubbish - yes, this is Samokov, nice town, there is such a dung-hill near the road to Ihtiman.

What puzzles me is the fact our municipality cleans the site twice a week, instead of solving the problem. On my letters send to the Regional Environmental Inspection and Regional Health Inspection, both authorities answered me this is a problem I should contact the Samokov Mayor for. The answer from the Municipality stated the best possible is done: the site is cleaned regularly and they wrote a letter to the owners. That is fine... but...

Our life and health are here, where our homes are. It is pity no one seems to be responsible for it except us, who live here and do care. What then? I really don't know.

And here we are now. My last comments sound quite aggressive. Is it safe here?

Thank you for your time and suggestions!
With regards,

Some usefull addresses here.
vollenda Maybe you could get a volunteer group together to watch the site and discourage dumping? Maybe if you tell the Mayor your group will work with the city to help stop it, they will be more open to helping?
vollenda · 2008-01-10: 01:37
mysamokov This could possibly work. The thing is people here take it too much as a minority problem and there are several other cases, that prove the balance is really fragile and it isn't difficult to reach the fights. I don't think it is possible to translate some of the comments my pictures received, especially from local people. But these made me think about my security, I felt threaten from the Bulgarians living here.
mysamokov · 2008-01-10: 05:14
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