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Where it all Happens........................................Where does it Happen for You!!

Where it all Happens!! I Remember When BuffyEyes, told me about this idea!!

So this is Where I do Photoblog and other things computer related, access to a TV and Stereo, and a window to check the outside world :) Off to the left is a printer and storage cabinets.........

Where does it Happen for You??
Unchained CSI - crime scene investigation!!!
My place is more or less the same. Great idea!
Unchained · 2009-02-12: 15:17
onlyricky aw :D
my place is almost the same :D
but just on PC
i use laptop, so i'm always in movement :D
great set ;)
onlyricky · 2009-02-12: 15:34
tbranscum Great idea! I do all of my stuff at work,, shhhhh-don't tell them!
tbranscum · 2009-02-12: 16:17
miclaud Great!!!
miclaud · 2009-02-12: 19:21
finbarr great idea Tom !! i work on my laptop !!
finbarr · 2009-02-12: 19:35
catdad Nice set, M. Where? On the couch, with the tv on, with a laptop (Apple), with cat help and jannie. cd
catdad · 2009-02-12: 19:45
DancingDolphin Good idea... especially since winter is feeling very LONG here... I'll have to clean up before photographing MY space however!! :)
DancingDolphin · 2009-02-12: 22:02
leocheung Very nice. I'll have to clean up too before showing you mine.
leocheung · 2009-02-12: 22:40
lookagain Cool idea! Like DD and leo I'll have to straighten up a bit first :)
lookagain · 2009-02-12: 22:47
SheriJ I like the idea too,but I would have to do some serious house cleaning before I could do a psot like this. :)
Hey is that an orange calculator on our desk in #1? Orange is an awesome color!! :-)
SheriJ · 2009-02-13: 00:19
BuffyEyes Thanks for mentioning my name and showing my blog on your blog. My idea would be even better if someone would put your blog on their computer and posting it as their blog and therefore start a whole linking blog.
BuffyEyes · 2009-02-13: 00:40
slowpete nice to see this
slowpete · 2009-02-13: 03:19
jet28 Great to have everything close to hand :-)
jet28 · 2009-02-13: 03:29
Aghdam The first one likes my computer desk ( My desk is always crowded :)) )
Nice set!!!
Aghdam · 2009-02-13: 05:06
Nesta great idea! really interesting shot and I like all the details in it that say a lot about you.
but as a Nurse I must say I don't like the "highly caffeinated" mug. You're killing yourself! take care friend ^^
Nesta · 2009-02-13: 08:15
jennye good idea!!...and great shots!!
jennye · 2009-02-13: 08:44
brad and Deedo nice!
brad and Deedo · 2009-02-13: 10:06
Flowerstone great shots!!
my PC desk is almost the same :))
Flowerstone · 2009-02-13: 11:37
NellyBly Interesting..I'm in the spare bedroom in a personal nook with laptop on my desk..shelves with stuff, message board..guess I'll take a pic of it, pretty cozy. (my getaway).
NellyBly · 2009-02-13: 15:40
photogp Great idea!!
photogp · 2009-02-13: 17:44
????? You do have a big screen there. And hey.. got an account now. Maybe I should put my own "where it all happens" as a starter photo? Hmmm gotta do that pic first though.. it's late now so doing that tomorrow.
????? · 2009-02-13: 19:48
bauche Interesting ideal!
bauche · 2009-02-13: 23:00
Nayah nice idea!
Nayah · 2009-02-14: 04:34
Sonic7 I love this idea because I love shots like this, people's special places. I'll maybe shoot mine this week ..... one day when I'm struggling for a shot.
Sonic7 · 2009-02-15: 12:12
Cabecilha IN MY OFFICE... I don't bring the computer home... no portable either... but my office is 3 km from home... :)
Cabecilha · 2009-02-15: 15:52
busybee36 Interesting shot, but where does the cat sit?
busybee36 · 2009-02-16: 09:28
Hollydead it's so great to see where you see and make the blog :)
Hollydead · 2009-02-16: 12:39
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