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Clouds !! Theme

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed...It feels an impulsion...this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Richard Bach
“Behind every cloud is another cloud.”

Judy Garland
“Happiness is like a cloud, if you stare at it long enough, it evaporates”

Sarah McLachlan
“Every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint”

Don Marquis
“How sweet to be a Cloud Floating in the Blue!”

A. A. Hodge quotes

For the past 4 days all I have had is fantastic blue sky with "NO" Clouds!! So tonite I had to go into my archives and locate cloud shots!!
slowpete reminds me of being young and lying on my back watching the clouds drift by
thanks for the theme
slowpete · 2009-05-27: 03:34
jet28 Nature has a way of not co-operating! Lovely series :-)
jet28 · 2009-05-27: 03:48
busybee36 Even if you didn't find any clouds in the sky, you found some great quotes. (... and you shouldn't complain about clear blue skies!) My favourites are those in the second shot.
busybee36 · 2009-05-27: 03:52
glennis Lovely set of shots and quotes!
glennis · 2009-05-27: 03:58
Aghdam I love to lay down and look the clouds and imagine what the clouds like.
Great set!
Aghdam · 2009-05-27: 04:30
finbarr wonderful set !!! nice quotes!!!
finbarr · 2009-05-27: 05:17
jennye great cloud shots and quotes!!
jennye · 2009-05-27: 07:30
Riyaz This is a great set for the theme! Lovely quotes too!
Riyaz · 2009-05-27: 09:27
lookagain You found some good ones.....great quotes, too!!
lookagain · 2009-05-27: 09:40
camilleauteuil you have great archives .......
but I think that you like also the blue sky !
camilleauteuil · 2009-05-27: 10:44
lifeisgood Lovely shots and your quotes make it perfect!
lifeisgood · 2009-05-27: 11:33
LAZYWASP Great shots............we usually have the opposite...No blue ! :)
LAZYWASP · 2009-05-27: 11:53
tbranscum I just can't ever remember the theme anymore. I must be getting older! lol (Note: I said older not old) These are great shots, I believe I see a heart in the middle of the clouds in #3.
tbranscum · 2009-05-27: 13:35
Nellinka Lovely quotes. =)
Nellinka · 2009-05-27: 14:04
daisydavinci Very positive "Postcards"!
daisydavinci · 2009-05-27: 14:16
onlyricky hehe
i didnt have no clouds also!
i used my archives indeed!
wonderful sky!
onlyricky · 2009-05-27: 14:50
SheriJ Wonderful!! Sorry I had spaced out what the theme was.. So what are the themes for next month?? Maybe "Slow" pete should be a kid again for just one afternoon?? :)
SheriJ · 2009-05-27: 15:18
tomie i used my archive too because too much clouds over Brittany for the last days! all the sky is grey :((
tomie · 2009-05-27: 18:50
nssco50 Great captures and quotes!!
nssco50 · 2009-05-27: 23:27
TIM927 I use to tell Im like a cloud many times, cos weather has quite influence on me,,,seems I don´t knwo too why I move and where lol, wise quotes as usual to acompany great photos!
TIM927 · 2009-05-28: 03:13
Hollydead aww! fantastic clouds!
Hollydead · 2009-05-28: 04:32
????? Cool photos looks like a view
from an airplane window above..the clouds..
nice reminder to me of that fun part of flying.. still ..!..
????? · 2009-05-28: 17:23
Unchained Lucky you having such a great weahter. Lovely little clouds floating like cotton balls in the sky! And great words, too.
Unchained · 2009-05-28: 18:10
missleah very cool!
missleah · 2009-05-28: 22:11
ScubaLiz Great shots and great quotes!
ScubaLiz · 2009-05-29: 00:21
Acqua Like always... It's a pleasure to pass here and see your precious photographies.

With these photos I sit down in the sky :-)
Acqua · 2009-05-29: 12:43
Nesta great post! beautiful pictures and interesting quotations ^^
Nesta · 2009-05-29: 13:07
luvnug pretty pics! hasn't the weather been awesome lately!? i can't get enough of it. i think i'm going to saturday market tomorrow and take some pics and maybe even hit pisgah finally! :)
luvnug · 2009-05-29: 23:41
JumiElla Great post Tom!
JumiElla · 2009-05-30: 06:28
lmrus Beautiful cloud shots!
lmrus · 2009-05-30: 09:12
????? Lovely set.
????? · 2009-05-30: 12:02
pfero nice post ~
pfero · 2009-05-31: 10:42
skakanka Nice! ^^
skakanka · 2009-06-01: 14:12
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