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Keep It Snapping!

I tell myself this every time I feel that I can no longer take a nice picture. I remind myself that although I may be void of any photographic talent, I know that if I keep my camera snapping, I am bound to shoot one nice picture. So, that is my motto, every day: Keep it Snapping!
aggiechristine These shots are proof that you do capture the moment well - I especially like the second shot - wonderful colors and depth of field - intriguing shot!

(I think we all feel that way sometimes - excellent advice for everyone!)
aggiechristine · 2007-02-25: 07:30
carmitage Keep snapping. I can only see excellence ! I wish I could come out with such quality pictures !
carmitage · 2007-02-25: 08:50
PollyWog Man Nae - these are so exquisite!! The first is such a dynamic shot, with colours that glow and provide warmth. The second, well, humm, what the heck is it? A purse, a bag, a hammock? It has impeccable depth of field and nice subtle colours, and wow - "Objects Look Larger When Viewed Through This Mirror"?? So how about a small smile at least - this mirror will do the rest and make it larger!! "Void of Talent??" - please, give your head a shake, or am I not at the correct "NAE" blog!! Nae, you are so multi-talented, but maybe you just haven't focused yet - just do a series on your favourite types of shots, and by the looks of those banananans (damn I can't spell this word), macro work maybe a great place to start!! These are all excellent Nae, and give yourself a heck of lot more credit - if you don't I will!!
PollyWog · 2007-02-25: 09:19
anniepie These are fantastic, I love all three but #2 is dreamy.

Great job!

I feel like you do. Just keep snapping and one of them will come out good.
anniepie · 2007-02-25: 10:43
chipotle i think you need a spoonful of objectivity. your shots are always filled with soul and eye.
chipotle · 2007-02-25: 10:44
maharba Let me tell you that your photos are greatly appreciated. You can see know what I mean. Trust what you's real.
maharba · 2007-02-25: 11:10
Chevy I love t hem all.. #2 being my favorite.. I don't know exactly what it is about that photo.. but it just captures me.
Chevy · 2007-02-25: 11:36
Yanko Gee! Keep snapping, please!! Love them!
Yanko · 2007-02-25: 12:18
matheusgr Hi, Naebe.

Girl, I tell you something: you definitely have talent! Anyone who browses thru your blog knows this!

This current set of photos is simply amazing. I specially liked the facial expression in #3. You really captured something there I cannot put my finger on, but it´s sure there!

Excellent job.

Keep on shooting.

matheusgr · 2007-02-25: 12:32
SuperG Nice moods in each photo. Keys to the success of your photos.
SuperG · 2007-02-25: 13:13
Sandman Wow.... Really really really talented!!! I love this set!
Sandman · 2007-02-25: 14:27
Leyenda Keep snapping indeed. Great texture and gentle colours on the second shot (of a bag I'm guessing?)
Leyenda · 2007-02-25: 14:36
losalamos666 Yeah we all go through these patches. But from what I can see you don't need to worry too much. I'm loving your work. Keep on snapping!
losalamos666 · 2007-02-25: 14:37
vollenda Oh but you have an eye for great moments. Happy snapping. Cuz then we get to enjoy them. :)
vollenda · 2007-02-25: 17:18
photopoet · 2007-02-25: 19:13
Jannie I like all 3 of these. You have a great eye. Don't worry about a momentary lapse of confidence, you are doing a great job!!
Jannie · 2007-02-25: 20:22
naebegirl haha! That fascination multicolored 'whatever' is a hammock. Good guesses on everyone's part. :)
naebegirl · 2007-02-25: 20:48
PollyWog Yes Nae - a hammock!! I win a prize!! I get to comment again!! Thanks for the clarification!! If you are looking for me, I'm taking a nap of that multi-coloured HAMMOCK!!
PollyWog · 2007-02-26: 00:41
magpy I love how the colors tie all the images together
I also love the words in the mirror in the last one
magpy · 2007-02-26: 00:45
Venkat yeah ... for all the fun and frolic, "Keep It Snapping!" ...
yeah, rain or shine, "Keep It Snapping!" ...

Venkat · 2007-02-26: 01:25
????? What a great set of pictures. I really like the second picture. Wish I could take a nap on hammock.
????? · 2007-02-26: 01:29
????? YEEEAHHHHH!!! def keep it snappin. I like the first and last photos alot. gret set!
????? · 2007-02-26: 02:44
mr9nth true!
i should take that too...
mr9nth · 2007-02-26: 03:12
????? You are always took a wonderful photos, this set are very nice and wonderful as always
????? · 2007-02-26: 09:59
????? ya, practice makes perfect.
????? · 2007-02-26: 10:00
stsanto WELCOME BACK ! :)
stsanto · 2007-02-27: 03:40
oranje this is an amazing set...congrat
oranje · 2007-02-27: 15:56
embarkr Void of talent?? Somebody slap her. :)
embarkr · 2007-03-05: 03:30
????? The hammoc is simply beautiful, congratulations!
????? · 2007-03-07: 18:32
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