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The ride home

I spotted this house on the way to the Outer Banks. I wanted to photograph it on the way home, so I saved the location in the GPS so we could find it again. Yay for electronic gadgets!

I wanted to get a closer look, but the property was fenced off. This was as close as I could get. I was a bit disappointed, as I would love to photograph it from the back. I know the upstairs back wall was pretty much gone, as you could see the sky through the front window.
Another "happy accident." We spotted a sign for a nature preserve, so we pulled off the highway onto a gravel road. We traveled down the road a good ways, but the only nature we saw was a couple of turtles in a ditch. I liked the lines of the crop rows, so I just lazily took this shot out the side window as we drove by.

At first I was mildly disappointed that it was so out of focus (I know, not very realistic of me). However, after looking at it again, it kind of reminded me of a Monet painting. I guess you could call this Impressionist Photography.

Shameless, I know. :)
Random shots taken on the trip home from vacation.
????? Those broken and abandoned houses make me so sad. I want to fix them up and fill them with love and laughter again.

Gorgeous shots.

Did you put the curves in the rows or did some farmer go crazy with this combine? :)
????? · 2008-06-13: 11:42
Madoc Wow! That house is creepily (!?) amazing!!!
Superbly photographed too. Of course, it had to be B&W. SUperb.
And I agree, that second shot is very interesting and beautiful.
Madoc · 2008-06-13: 11:54
ambersunsets Oh, I like them both! Very unique find.
I like the blurred effect in the last shot, and I'm faving the first one.
ambersunsets · 2008-06-13: 12:10
????? Very cool- great choices!~ R
????? · 2008-06-13: 12:25
LotoFoto Oh very cool!
LotoFoto · 2008-06-13: 13:22
my365vision Random the impression both of them gives off!
my365vision · 2008-06-13: 13:49
PaperWings WOW!!! Amazing house and shot!!!
PaperWings · 2008-06-13: 19:32
joycephotography Great post.......
joycephotography · 2008-06-14: 01:42
KerBear I really like both of these! That house is quite the impressive find for a photo... and yes, I agree that electronic gadget was great to have hahaha!!
I do agree with you about the second shot though - it is pretty great! The crop lines make it very fantastic :)
KerBear · 2008-06-14: 11:24
????? The house is a little creepy...but a great catch!
????? · 2008-06-14: 13:15
BreezyOnTheEyes aww i totally feel you with wanting to get out and photograph the house more, that's too bad, but the first shot is great.

i'm LOVING your monet impersonation ~_^ good work!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-06-14: 23:13
ScubaLiz Great set!
ScubaLiz · 2008-06-21: 15:09
mjsonline A great shot; a great scene, captured really well.
mjsonline · 2008-07-13: 18:54
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