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EXCLUSSIVE: Iran 1979 revolution for dummies

Evolution of Islamism in Iran for dummies

Infographic picture: Iran's 1979 revolution and how a coalition of radical ideologies of communism and Islamism succeeded in bringing to power an empire of tyranny and terrorism, it's true that many of the communist groups were dissolved, went underground, exiled or eliminated, but the influence of red-Islamism or the communist leaning Shia Islamism is still the main driving force behind Islamic Republic's foreign and domestic policies, had found itself a closer ally of communist dictatorships such as North Korea than most other Muslim countries. The main ideological foundation and excuse for survival of IRI is still "anti-imperialism", they justify all their actions and abuse of Iranian nation as long as their actions can be labeled as fighting "imperialism" the same ideology all the radical leftist groups follow and even Al-Qaeda uses for recruitment. They only define "imperialism" in ways that serves their ideological purpose.

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DASD · 2013-05-20: 04:41

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SDS 違いなくあなたの心の中で、個々の時間を魅了することが可能であるサイジング。ナイキ適切な履物は、ドットに接続されているあなたの目を追いつくことができ、非常に想像力豊かな名前を維持し続けています。例えば、それはランナーが付属していたとき、それは通常、おそらく可能性が低減し、中性、過<a href="ナイキ-nikeナイキ-paul-c-87_43.html"> NIKEナイキ PAUL</a>
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