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365/365 Nikki Ni's 365 Journey is COMPLETE!!!

Whew! I made it to Day 365 taking a picture a day. Lord knows I didn't do it alone. Although I may have been the eye behind the lens and the finger that snapped the shutter, it was YOU who encouraged and supported me along the way. And for that I can't THANK YOU enough.

When you say that you are doing a 365 photo a day project, it sounds easy enough but it can indeed be hard to find inspiration or something to shoot when you don't want to "just shoot" anything and you want it to be nice, look good, say something. In the beginning I wanted to improve what or how I see things, my creative eye as well as improve my ability to be able to use the manual functions of my camera. In the end this 365 has become those things as well as a journal of sorts. Even throughout the year it has been nice to look back on it and recall the memories, some that even I'd forgotten about. I know that in the coming year and beyond it will be even nicer to revisit the blog.

I have had so much support that I can't name names for fear that I would leave someone out.

To my Flickr friends, although I have not been consistent with posting here, when I did, you were there. Thank you for your support!

To my Photoblog friends, thank you! This is the actual site that I selected to host my project when I started. You guys have commented and encouraged me throughout! Thank you!

To my Twitter friends, thank you for actually clicking the links! Twitter is a world where we speak out and you don't always know if anyone is listening. After a while my friends would retweet or reply and which let me know that you were paying attention when I never knew. For that, I thank you!

To my family & friends, I thank you for listening to me complain that there is nothing to shoot and offering ideas and support and telling me not to give up. Thank you for calling me out on my photos when the white balance was off, challenging me when I said it was pink and appeared red. Only those who really know you will actually tell you that it's not right or Nikki, you can do better! :-)

Throughout it all, I still never found my memory card I lost that contains 2 of my 365 pictures. I've learned that when you have a theme (Mystery Monday's, 12 Days of Christmas) or some type of travel, it certainly helps you with accomplishing the goal and not to wait till the last minute.

Throughout this journey I have certainly questioned my passion for photography. While I will not be embarking on another 365 project anytime soon I won't be putting the camera down. In fact, I'm eyeing a new camera right now as a gift to self as for my birthday/Christmas/365 completion!

The self portrait for today is not the one I started out taking for this post, but it is the one I ended up with. I remember when I started, I thought to myself, if all else fails I 'll take a self portrait at least once/week. So much for that, because for me self portraits are hard work! Maybe one day, I'll do a self portrait a week project.

Ok that's enough rambling! :-)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for seeing some things as I have seen them and thank you for helping me complete this 365 project! Wishing you all the best in 2011! Happy New Year!
Goldbrandi Ciao,my friend! :O)
Goldbrandi · 2011-01-02: 12:27
armando Happy New Year!
armando · 2011-01-02: 14:03
joannelydia AWE!!! CONRATULATIONS!!! i'm so proud of you for sticking with it!!! my sister abandoned hers,as did a few other friends of mine!!! SO GLAD WE MADE IT TOGETHER!!! WOOP!WOOP!!! <3
joannelydia · 2011-01-02: 17:12
amplifestyle Good for you! That is a true accomplishment! Ive started my own 365 for 2011! You did a fantastic job!
amplifestyle · 2011-01-02: 23:08
borogovoi Great !
Congratulation, my friend...An Happy 2011 for you ...
borogovoi · 2011-01-03: 19:37
????? Great! I especially love the first!
????? · 2011-01-03: 19:55
girafferacing Congratulations! :-)
girafferacing · 2011-01-06: 16:26
Kratek nice photo !
Kratek · 2011-01-09: 17:06
photodeclair very nice !
photodeclair · 2011-01-10: 18:49
domino great photos!!!
domino · 2011-04-24: 08:47
Arie Cool :-)
Arie · 2011-05-28: 08:31
openbelarus #1 is really amazing
openbelarus · 2011-06-09: 11:47
miclaud Congratulations!!!!
miclaud · 2011-10-31: 10:26
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