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Posting on the internet is a hazardous thing. Your work is open to everyone who wishes to see it and open to criticism.
Of course I'm aware of that.
Some people use the anonymity of the internet to make other people feel bad.
Of course I was aware of that.

I know there are people out there who say, if you post self portraits, if you expose yourself like that, you know it can happen to you... I find that absurd!!
May it be the reality, does that make the reality okay??? I say no.

If people do not like what they see, they can easily walk away. And in any case, nothing gives a person the right to say something offensive or distasteful, just to make someone feel bad about themselves!

I know of women who left the public domain, because of continued (sexual) harassments. It's such a sad fact.

I have received messages, comments (not here on PB, although it obviously can happen anywhere), words that made me feel so bad about myself, so utterly insecure about my work, and made me want to hide as far away as possible... But, I WILL NOT DO THAT! I will not give them that power over me. I will not hide in silence. I will regain my strenght and find my balance again and I will not let them destroy what I loved to do so much.

* this picture was taken unrelated to the events, but seemed appropriate to post today.

TEOMONTANA "Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner"
I always enjoy your beautiful portraits Nynke! :)
TEOMONTANA · 2014-11-14: 04:14
marilynx Gorgeous as ever ...
marilynx · 2014-11-14: 04:16
revenant I am sorry you experienced this. It has happened here to me and to friends of mine here. The Internet removes social control mechanisms. The nasty little people making unpleasant comments on the web would never dare do so to your face. This means there's only one thing to do: ignore it. Really ignore it. It's noise, not words.

I like this one. Where, by the way, can I see others?
revenant · 2014-11-14: 04:29
durban keep on keepin' on Nynke....

small people
climb ladders
look upward
and throw stones
I look downward -
"ha ha ha", I say
"how amazingly
small you are "
durban · 2014-11-14: 04:34
angil Best thing to do - ignore them and they will be thrown to where they deserve. This world is full of losers and envious.
angil · 2014-11-14: 05:13
StillBill Beautiful and beautifully composed !
StillBill · 2014-11-14: 05:38
xabolcs Recommended reading:
La ballade des langues envieuses (François Villon)
xabolcs · 2014-11-14: 07:45
busybee Beautiful only listen to those who make sense.
busybee · 2014-11-14: 08:54
JustmeG I applaud you for standing up against the negativity! I think, most of us here on Pb have gotten some negative comments or messages at one point or another. Sometimes you have to remember that their anger and cruelty is not about you, but about them and what is going on in their lives. I learned that a lot of cruel people are really just projecting onto you what they may be feeling and experiencing. Don't internalize it my dear, it will drive you crazy if you do. Just push those negative thoughts away and keep doing what you love best!! As a woman, (and someone who is not comfortable in front of a camera) I totally admire your strength and courage for addressing your experience and continuing on with your uplifting self portraits ;))
JustmeG · 2014-11-14: 11:04
yellodog Good for you, never take anything like that personally, they're just losers who need to hurt others to make themselves feel important. Lovely self portrait.
yellodog · 2014-11-14: 15:02
kwibusje dromerige foto... mooi
kwibusje · 2014-11-14: 16:51
georgeC Only jealous people of your beauty..I know what it is, that happens to me everyday!
Don't give up! you're taller than little ans...Another beautiful portrait!
georgeC · 2014-11-15: 03:12
Francesc21 Fantastic portrait!!! I agree with the post
Francesc21 · 2014-11-15: 10:10
Lsample Know that you are treasured by many! I am in agreement with all of the above and hold you in the highest esteem!

I also have recommended reading. "Loving What Is", by Byron Katie.
Lsample · 2014-11-15: 12:58
delightfulpink W O W ! I love it!<3
delightfulpink · 2014-11-15: 19:08
Karramba It's unbelievable how many people are envious and frustrated. Don't bother with this and keep going. Beautiful pic. :)
Karramba · 2014-11-15: 20:06
josy63 I am sorry Nynke but continue to please us. Here everybody is with you...
josy63 · 2014-11-16: 03:16
stabeez Beautiful portrait Nynke.
People who want to hurt you through the internet can only do that if you think that the particular attitude and comments are worthwhile to you. Don't let them hurt but grow strong from them.
stabeez · 2014-11-16: 14:32
manusignea Never give up, no matter what they say! I hope it will give you more strenght in the end...
And today's photo is really great - I love the composition and colouring.
manusignea · 2014-11-17: 04:55
Bzh29 The web is a paradise for twisted minds ... (and photoblog is not exception) .
The only thing to do : do not keep silent ! ... :-))
Bzh29 · 2014-11-17: 16:41
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