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No was her name. No was the lion that no one could tame. But Faith was his name. Faith came around with a smile on his face anyway; He said, tell, tell me now. Tell me the worry that knit up your brow. She said slow down this train. Slow down the iron that runs in my veins. I can hear you tap tappin at my kitchen door. I can hear the river run, and the river want more. Don’t you know, I’m already sure. I can hear you tap tappin at my kitchen door. But No kept her name. No got so quiet she put out her flame. But Faith stayed the same. Faith came around with that smile on his face the next day. He said, follow me down. Follow me down with your pick and your plow. I can hear you tap tappin at my kitchen door. I can hear the river run and the river want more. Don’t you know, I am already sure. I can hear you standing quiet at my kitchen door.

Enjoy the music Wolf Larsen - Kitchen Door

marilynx At first glance - your knees look like your bottom!
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As always, a lovely portrait.
marilynx · 2015-02-09: 05:54
popparatzee Nice abstract....beautiful too
popparatzee · 2015-02-09: 06:56
Lsample Beautiful!
Lsample · 2015-02-09: 08:09
durban no one home

way down in
the corner
up against
the wall...
there you
sit... you
feel the
at the door
shivering - no
one is home
you think
they think....
durban · 2015-02-09: 08:29
busybee Yes a thoughtful post................
busybee · 2015-02-09: 09:31
tomie Sensual and beautiful !
tomie · 2015-02-10: 04:00
angil Like the good angel in one shoulder and the bad one in the other. So beautiful image and text and song. Congrats Nynke.
angil · 2015-02-10: 04:38
lelle Very fine
lelle · 2015-02-12: 05:57
Bzh29 Beautiful ... The portrait is perfect and you have good taste in your way to edit a photo ...
... but I have also to say that it is not easy to give a comment about a so personal and sensual (almost intime) self portrait ...
I wish you a nice weekend ... :-))
Bzh29 · 2015-02-14: 12:57
riannamelia Really intimate portrait, lovely
riannamelia · 2015-02-26: 14:51
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