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Eiram · 2015-02-01: 09:16
I looked at this picture for a long time now... it's beautiful and touching and it gave me a smile and a tear. If you don't mind, I'd love to keep this one in my favs. x
Thank you so much, Nynke. These old photos bring comfort to my heart, I am blessed to have such happy memories.
leanderthal · 2015-02-01: 08:58
Reply ⇔ Sands Beach
Wonderful shot!! It's a picture with a story and it's fun to imagine the different scenarios ;))
thank you very much :))
Lsample · 2015-02-01: 08:13
Lsample Just assumed.I seem to be always finding out that I used my outside voice inappropriately. So glad to know you. Have a great day!
angil · 2015-02-01: 07:43
....ahhhhh, indeed :)))
Tobiasz · 2015-02-01: 07:26
Reply ⇔ Portraits
Lovely set :)
Thank you!
Lsample · 2015-01-31: 17:40
Lsample That was probably an over-share. My bad. all apologies.
TEOMONTANA · 2015-01-31: 10:27
Reply ⇔ The Golden View
Congratulations Teo!! Well deserved #1 !!
Thank you for your comment,I do appreciate it!
MoMac · 2015-01-31: 05:52
Reply ⇔ Portrait
Oh my gosh! I love her hair! What a gorgeous colour! She has a lovely smile as well :)
Thanks I found it very difficult to photo her with her glasses . Her hair is natural takes that after her Dad who has red hair ( LOL and he isn't Scottish like me he's Italian) getting to know my new camera is challenging
SADHYA · 2015-01-31: 04:52
Reply ⇔ Portrait
This is really wonderful Sadhya!! It's a story in a picture and I like it very much! :)
Thank you so much dear Nynke!
LouiH · 2015-01-31: 02:25
Reply ⇔ portrait.....
Haha! Love the expression in your eyes! Very well done! :)