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SADHYA · 2014-09-15: 03:36
I really like the composition in #2. What a lovely place...
Thanks so much. It really is impressive. These days it is a hotel, used to be a family home!
Karramba · 2014-09-13: 06:52
...and a great opportunity for you to shoot ;)) Superb capture Emilia :)
Indeed :) Thank you!
Francesc21 · 2014-09-13: 05:20
Wonderful colorful post :)
Thank you so much!
yellodog · 2014-09-12: 14:02
yellodog It's probably just a bad haircut but the face looks uncomfortably a death mask.
yellodog · 2014-09-12: 13:49
Oh my gosh! Is the top side open? It kind of looks that way... Now I'm already imagining weird plants growing out of his head ;))
No the top of the head is actually closed, but it looks like it's been chopped off.
collateral · 2014-09-12: 12:54
collateral yeah i might be going somewhere. i haven't decided yet.
delightfulpink · 2014-09-12: 11:40
delightfulpink ehm the background and the atmosphere in this picture. i really like it and your pics are all amazing!
delightfulpink · 2014-09-12: 11:36
There's no such thing as coincidence ;) I love your first shot. Truly magical :)
uhhhh thaaanks *O*
collateral · 2014-09-12: 10:32
collateral Yeah. No problem. Take care and good luck.
borogovoi · 2014-09-12: 08:10
What a lovely view....
Thank you Nynke ......... !!!
Happy week end ;o)