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revenant · 2014-12-09: 09:31
revenant Good for your, Nynke. I'm no fan of google+, but I did request an invite on the ello site.
renatomartins · 2014-11-09: 17:24
I truly enjoy this series Renato. Highly suggestive. Beautifully done...
I love the graininess of these images. The gift to tell a story in a picture (or multiple pictures) ...well, you have that gift. Wonderful work!!
Thank you Nynke...
Bzh29 · 2014-10-31: 06:50
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Great waves! :)) I'l keep #4 :)
Thank you Nynke ... :-))
durban · 2014-10-31: 05:21
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....somehow it reminds me of those thick cloudy skies, the ones you see when you lay on your back in the grass and imagine yourself laying safely curled up in that warm white woolen blanket..... I know that's not what you're saying, but sometimes my dreamy mood takes over :)

what a great comment... thanks nynke... x
durban · 2014-10-31: 05:21
durban thanks nynke.... you are too kind...
renatomartins · 2014-10-29: 16:02
Totally in love with this one!! I'll keep it as a favorite! :)
Thank you Nynke
JustmeG · 2014-10-23: 22:58
Fantastic combination of colours and such beauties these poppies are! Glad you posted them! :)
thank you for all your kind comments Nynkeb...greatly appreciate it! ;)
JustmeG · 2014-10-23: 22:57
I am so happy for the both of you! Truly wonderful :))
Indeed, I feel very blessed this year ;)) thank you!!
JustmeG · 2014-10-23: 22:39
What a delightful sweet post :) Gorgeous captures Gloria!
thank you Nynkeb! ;))
renatomartins · 2014-10-22: 14:27
Fabulous macro shot! Love the composition and bluish tones in the background!
Thank you Nynke :)