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durban · 2015-04-22: 17:57
durban it is yours without asking....
georgeC · 2015-04-21: 08:53
georgeC my next post will be for you! It's a promise! :))
Thank you very much Nynke! really appreciated! :)))
georgeC · 2015-04-21: 08:16
Reply ⇔ Favorite dish
...if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love one too! :)
I could share what you want with you. ;)
georgeC · 2015-04-06: 05:30
Hahaha, great one! ;))
Good morning George! :-))

Have a great day Nynke!
TEOMONTANA · 2015-03-28: 23:13
Reply ⇔ Labyrinth
Oh my! What a wonderful image! It messes with my senses and it's confusing and mesmerizing at the same time! Great work Teo! :)
Thank you for all of your comments!
TEOMONTANA · 2015-03-28: 23:08
Reply ⇔ ...Y La Mujer
What a delightful smile in #3 :)) She's a real beauty! I hope you didn't only take pictures of her, but also told her how beautiful she is! :)))
Thanks so much,she is the kind of woman that when she walks into the room,everyone turns to stare,and everyone wants to meet her. She comes from Mexico city,and yes I told her how beautiful she is... :)
Karramba · 2015-03-28: 06:23
Fantastic capture! Wow!
I'm glad you like it!
Karramba · 2015-03-28: 06:21
Gorgeous colours and mood!
Thank you!
digitalideas · 2015-03-26: 19:22
Reply ⇔ !/2 Moon
Great capture! Congrats on FP! :)
Thank You Very Much. I just saw this sorry I hardly ever come by here, but just figured out my picture made it to FP on PB. Wow thanks didn't even know it had made it to fp.
Bzh29 · 2015-03-26: 15:10
;)) The downside is, she'll never laugh at your jokes ;))
Nobody laughs at my jokes ... :-))