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kif123 · 2014-08-21: 11:19
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Oooh, I absolutely love #3
Thanks! :)
Lsample · 2014-08-21: 11:17
Whatever it is,,,, you've captured it beautifully!
Thank you!
durban · 2014-08-21: 11:00
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Wonderful touching words. A feeling most of all can relate to. I know I can...
yes... we can all relate... great new avatar, nynke
timepiece · 2014-08-21: 10:39
....I'm pretty sure practice helps ;))
But I have to say, despite the fact that it's always wonderful to see people have fun while trying to figure out how one is supposed to do it,,, I really love the view you captured in #4
Thank you - its a really lovely place to visit - that is the view from the apartment we stay in!
JustmeG · 2014-03-18: 18:03
Oooooooh, he's adorable!!!! So precious......
Many many congratulations Gloria on such a beautiful little grandson! :)
thank you so much, he is a real blessing! ;))
durban · 2014-03-08: 17:24
durban we are all so fragile.... today I received the final divorce decree after 38 years of marriage... not a happy freedom day.... only a day of crushing sadness... blind sided by the sadness... life must go on.... tomorrow will be a better day.... it always is.... for those who hope... for those who dream.... keep hoping... keep dreaming nynke.... dan
durban · 2014-03-08: 17:18
durban peace and love always nynke... ;-)
renatomartins · 2014-03-03: 16:18
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Ooohh, such a beautiful and tender image.....
Thank you again
renatomartins · 2014-03-03: 16:12
Wow! Amazing shot! Absolutely wonderful!
Thank you Nynke... What about an eye-smile-shooting? :)
czarnovicz · 2014-02-26: 03:32
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Thank you for visiting, for all your comments. It is very nice that you have a moment for it. Take care My Dear :)