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Post-Olympic Post: Random Photos

Now that the Olympics is over, so what's next, Beijing?

You have probably seen the Olympic Closing Ceremonies last night (or morning) and all I could is:

"Zhang Yimou is the master of flying here and there. It was a performance showcasing the best of Chinese acrobats, flexibility and agility. And the rest was just like the usual big variety show that we see on TV during Chinese New Year's Eve. Nevertheless, I was floored and awed by the grandiose closing performance. This Olympic is definitely China's time to shine, be heard, be seen and be talked about!"

Photo below:
This man was Rollerblading around the Olympic Park to the entertainment of everyone. He was such a celebrity. He stood there for a long time with tourists taking pictures of him and with him. This is such a brilliant idea! I dunno how he buried all those needles on his head. ;))
Have you found your flag?
I found mine--above his left ear.
Lovers on the subway.
Too tired after the Games.
Picnic in front of the Bird's Nest.
And another family picnic on the other side of the Bird's Nest.
Volleyball Ad imitation.
Ready, Get Set, GO!!!!!
"I did it! I did it! I did it!"
Too sexy?
She might look like a winner but I'm definitely way hotter than her! LOL!!!!!

In my dreams.... :))
I need to cut his hand. He's way taller than the billboard! :))
These men were looking from the gate outside the venue of the football match. I wish I could give each of them a ticket.
Chinese restaurants are beautifully decorated and lighted.
A tired volunteer at the Water Cube.
The Olympic Tower.
Below this is the NBC stage where Katie Couric (I suspect the spelling is wrong) does her morning show in the US.
At 10:40 PM, when my friends and I are on our way to the subway from the Water Cube, we saw this man sleeping on top of the Coca Cola box. He's the Olympic Park street cleaner. He must have been tired doing his rounds.
Five meters from where the man above was sleeping, is this girl giving instructions to people which direction we should all take going to the subway.
The escalator is in between two walls of red drums.
Below the escalator, is the McDonald's.
Goofing around.
A shop displaying pride and nationalism.
The volunteers.
Back view.
The volunteers.
Front View.
At the end of the day, this is me on the subway. ;)
agnieszka1 extraordinary
agnieszka1 · 2008-08-25: 06:52
kanigwe Very nice set
kanigwe · 2008-08-25: 06:54
samuelsonthhc cool set
samuelsonthhc · 2008-08-25: 07:02
Allegra fantastico
Allegra · 2008-08-25: 07:38
hellovicky great!
hellovicky · 2008-08-25: 08:15
Daryl #6 7 8 9 10 11 are great fun... well done!
(you might end up in trouble trying to dive, in what you have on there!)
Daryl · 2008-08-25: 08:35
labbetuss Cool set ;)
labbetuss · 2008-08-25: 08:44
americo :)
americo · 2008-08-25: 09:46
ThomasChu I was astonished by the Chinese's great performance in the various sports events and the success of the opening and closing ceremonies... This was such a impressive and memorial Olympic Game and it set a high and a new standard for the coming....
I appreciated your continous reportage of the scenes, stories and people that we can't see in the TV... Really thanks. Very nice and down-to-earth reportage recently :) Keep it up Man !
ThomasChu · 2008-08-25: 10:37
oakley Great shots!

Thanks for this new perspective of the Olympics!

Have a great day!
oakley · 2008-08-25: 12:13
nodzu Great reportage!Very nice........thanks!
nodzu · 2008-08-25: 12:22
mystic1 Very fun set, #16 was a cool capture!!
mystic1 · 2008-08-25: 13:46
lsdphoto funny set and some interesting ideeas :):)
lsdphoto · 2008-08-25: 14:50
DirtyTricks Nice set dude!! Funny too
DirtyTricks · 2008-08-25: 14:55
caroq Excellent!
caroq · 2008-08-25: 16:02
eljapa ohh i wished i could have been there!!!!!!!!! Really great and funny set... i had so much fun watching the olympics..

eljapa · 2008-08-25: 16:06
mariaps I'm sad to see it come to an end! I really enjoyed your reporting of the Olympics - the human view. I really just kept smiling throughout this set. My favorite is #17. Wonderful work! :)
mariaps · 2008-08-25: 16:45
KC727 Ha..ha I love #9:))
KC727 · 2008-08-25: 19:41
ScubaLiz Great set, I'm sorry to see your coverage end!
ScubaLiz · 2008-08-25: 19:51
leocheung What a day !
Full of fun and joy:)
leocheung · 2008-08-25: 21:49
Cabecilha great fun here!
Cabecilha · 2008-08-26: 13:47
miclaud Thanks for all these fantastic posts... I love #16 and ALL the other ones!!! THANKS again!!!
miclaud · 2008-08-27: 08:49
acididko fantastic set !!!:)
acididko · 2008-08-27: 12:12
JumiElla As usually: super merrily and kolorowo!
JumiElla · 2008-08-27: 15:01
shady87 ;)
shady87 · 2008-08-27: 16:34
misssunshine29 haha. the billboard photos are funny! lol. bet you guys had a fun time imitating!

ohh.. and that guy's hair in #1.. seriously.. i wonder how much time he spent doing that!

overall, i love your coverage on the olympics! :)
misssunshine29 · 2008-08-28: 13:17
the12thdude HAhahah awesome series! Great to see behind the scenes! On some of those it's difficult to see who is the athlete and who the tourist is ;)
the12thdude · 2008-08-28: 13:19
????? WOW great perspectives. A very special set.
????? · 2008-08-29: 15:45
Tigerlily hahahah I like Nos 6 - 11! Original, babe!
Tigerlily · 2008-08-30: 07:06
dadlak fabulous much fun...thanks again for the great reporting!
dadlak · 2008-08-30: 10:31
busybee36 Thank you for putting such a fun angle on the Olympics (from someone who doesn't really like sport!)
busybee36 · 2008-09-02: 06:27
RozariaSBanned you must be tired now! :-)
RozariaSBanned · 2008-09-02: 11:56
sina86re beautiful set, I really enjoyed your reporting, very nice, well done
sina86re · 2008-09-03: 00:59
jennye Awesome set.......Fantastic shots!!!!! :))
jennye · 2008-09-05: 10:44
mohdruslin nice and beautiful set...
mohdruslin · 2008-09-08: 06:21
bauche Great set. It is nice to see other things than what the tv stations showed over here.
bauche · 2008-09-10: 13:00
ambersunsets Very cool set! I have enjoyed your coverage of the Olympics!!
ambersunsets · 2008-09-10: 20:42
Tramp really interesting
Tramp · 2008-09-18: 10:43
pakorn Great!
pakorn · 2008-10-31: 08:49
qarqafoto Great!
qarqafoto · 2009-06-09: 15:01
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