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Don't close your Eyes, Ears & Mouth

Today is day 100 that my dad is in jail. for speaking out for the freedom of people. please speak out and stand for democracy today even if it is a small step

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cyrus My warning to the Islamic Republic, to the ones in position and power of doing something, saying something and even putting an stop to these killings and tortures innocent Iranians but descided to keep your mouths shot or busy stealing my countries resources and destroying what's left of our Iran
History will repeat itself and you'll be questioned as the Nazi leaders did. Islamic Republic will be remembered as the darkest chapter of Iran's history because what you r doing to us no foreign invator ever done
So there is still some time left to turn your future around and ensure when they take the rest of regime as criminals, you'll be named as heros for trying to save people. Wake up, now is the time to decide to be a hero or a criminal.
cyrus · 2009-10-10: 20:11
pandka Mehdi, I am very sorry...
pandka · 2009-10-11: 04:54
davidcardona cOOl!
davidcardona · 2009-10-11: 06:43
????? Sorry to hear this Mehdi, time flies, and i hope that he will be set free soon, and all the others too off course. We mustn't give up hope for all the innocent people who are imprisoned.
????? · 2009-10-11: 06:45
agnes65 Im so sory Mehdi!!!!
agnes65 · 2009-10-11: 07:50
onlyricky Sorry mehdi!

Indeed i love these frogs.
Dont close your eyes - I have to do it always when i see some videos that you show me.
dont close your ears - I must not hear it, for not get sad
dont speak - NO WAY, i'm always talking lol

superb! ;D
onlyricky · 2009-10-11: 09:33
miclaud Nice post!
miclaud · 2009-10-11: 10:51
????? I send positive thoughts and feelings to you and your family,
I hope your father is released very soon,
I pray for it.
????? · 2009-10-11: 13:50
pickledherring Nice frogs and sorry about your dad.
pickledherring · 2009-10-11: 21:34
jennye hope your father is well and will be released soon!!
jennye · 2009-10-12: 12:59
????? :(
We, thouse who love freedom, must be proud of your father.
Your father is in jain for be brave and say loudly what is fair with his head held high.
Others prefer being hidden in their houses, giving Ahmadinejad the ears, living in "freedom" as good hypocrites.
I am proud of your father.
????? · 2009-10-14: 11:30
Ryana Sometimes it's so tempting to just hear, see and be silent ... But it dont helps anyone! I hope there will soon will change for you all.
!strength to all!
Ryana · 2009-10-19: 06:42
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