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What's your favorite ...

Those are just simple pictures while I do an update on my laptop.
I always loved sweets and candies, they are really … hmm… sweet :D
My favorite is called Knoppers and its made in Germany
It’s so delicious… (it is inside the packet to don’t make you slobbering :D )
This is my Favorite Food. It’s Called Francesinhas. I love it soak, its sooo tasty!!! I love it, and it’s the best! Francesinhas is typically Portuguese. I love it, wanna join me?
what about you?
What's your Favorite Candy?
What's your Favorite Food?
onlymehdi ok my fav candy is Recess Peanut Butter Cup
and my fav food is tahchin as you can see it is a persian food with a persian map in the middle i wish everyone can taste it .
onlymehdi · 2009-02-26: 15:11
widow This toast looks so tasty!
widow · 2009-02-26: 15:30
SerialGood i am the biggest Nutella´s fan xD
SerialGood · 2009-02-26: 15:39
betsymurphy M&M Peanut!
betsymurphy · 2009-02-26: 15:39
????? OMG!
My favorite candy is... only one? Ok... I love white chocolate, specially in little pieces like m&n's that in Spain are calles "Lacasitos"
My favorite food... is musaka, tipical Greek food.

And Rick... I love Portuguese food... pollo piri-piri, asadoura... OMG!
????? · 2009-02-26: 15:54
tomie it looks delicious...but i don't like candies nor sugar! :((
tomie · 2009-02-26: 16:15
gonia it looks v.good.I like polish chocolates with hazel nuss and white say true I like all kinds of sweets.
gonia · 2009-02-26: 16:22
KerBear hahaha look at my most recent entry! :) Clam Chowder and Crab Cakes - thankfully my boyfriend loves them to, because I really don't mind making them either! :)
KerBear · 2009-02-26: 17:13
urmysunshine neat post!~
candy: Reeses peanut butter cups
food: anything spicy!~
urmysunshine · 2009-02-26: 18:25
PennyWyatt I love snickers candy and my fav food is Japanese food and mexican food and italian food, uupps, did you say one ?!!
PennyWyatt · 2009-02-26: 18:26
Kaius I'm hungry. We get that chocolate in our Aldi store sometimes.

As far as my sweet tooth goes I'm addicted to Ice Cream... and food anything with bacon and cheese so that second picture looked pretty good to me.
Kaius · 2009-02-26: 18:31
finbarr nice post !! i like all type of chocolate !!
finbarr · 2009-02-26: 19:32
saiimemories sure I'll join u

saiimemories · 2009-02-26: 22:50
lookagain Yummy shots!!
Anything chocolate works for me :))
lookagain · 2009-02-26: 23:26
asiamack wet toast?
anything hazelnut for me
asiamack · 2009-02-27: 04:24
Daryl hmmm.... yummm.... chocolate... and the second one, is that a cheese sauce over the bread with bacon or something in it? Looks pretty good to me... food is pretty good, you know..
Daryl · 2009-02-27: 05:05
jennye looks delicious!
I have too many favorites to list!!
jennye · 2009-02-27: 06:41
brissia wow that looks so goood
my favorite candy must be jelly!!!
i love jelly
and pasta!!!
brissia · 2009-02-27: 15:04
SheriJ #1 is my favorite.
SheriJ · 2009-02-27: 18:07
eternity65 i've to many favorites ;-) great shots
eternity65 · 2009-02-28: 17:17
mollylips delicious :D
mollylips · 2009-03-02: 15:56
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