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Water Insects

These shots were the ones that I got more afraid, and also the ones that were harder to take pictures. First because my phone camera doesn’t have Macro, just one option that is similar to it. So the most I could make as a close up, the harder it could focus on it. Also things less than 10 cm the focus capture a little bit bad. Even with zoom it get a little bit of distortions…
But I love water insects (probably are the only ones that I don’t see them as disgusting or creepy or weird or ugly. )
So I went to a place where has a lot of water, were probably there are water insects.. in Winter (as we are) it’s hard to find them so easily. Lucky me there are some that were there already :)

So in the surface there was some kind of insects that I don’t know exactly what they are… they look like some mosquitoes.
Can you find it out in this first one?
Now I photographed it closer and now it’s a little bit visible the mosquito (although is hard to see his ‘’body’’ , not because just the camera, but also because the sun light was there. )
So I had to wait to see if I could see more of them, but none was there… just some backswimmers . It’s name is Naucoridius
They are strange insects, and it doesn’t stop moving, making my phone camera not good to deal with it.
But I could take those ones(after more than 50 photos) that make see exactly which insect is.
Was hard, but I could have my own picture about this insect.
Next time I go there, I hope see some other insects that I already know. I’ve just to wait till spring comes :) :)
betsymurphy very good and interesting!
betsymurphy · 2009-02-26: 20:42
Jarvo What a fantastic set!!! If I didn't know it was a phone camera I'd never have guessed. Interesting report too. Brilliant work :¬)
Jarvo · 2009-02-26: 21:00
relee Very, very cool set. Well done!!!
relee · 2009-02-26: 21:02
lifeisgood You took those on a cell phone?! Amazing...they are a great set~ Well done!
lifeisgood · 2009-02-26: 21:43
????? great set!!~
????? · 2009-02-26: 21:50
onlymehdi absolutely astonishing, the only word that i can use is WOW, OnlyWOW
onlymehdi · 2009-02-26: 22:59
PennyWyatt Very informative Ricky, thank you !
PennyWyatt · 2009-02-26: 23:31
lookagain Really wonderful shots!! Must have taken a great deal of patience, but they turned out so well!!
lookagain · 2009-02-26: 23:32
asiamack great effort
the montage in #3 is great
asiamack · 2009-02-27: 04:10
Daryl I really like the first one... I love the lines and colour. Not sure what the insect is in the second one, but the backswimmer pics are amazing - specially as you're using a phone camera! Great!
Daryl · 2009-02-27: 05:02
jet28 Fascinating set - love the last series :-)
jet28 · 2009-02-27: 06:06
????? They are amazing!!! Specially the first one not because of the insect,but because of the shadow of sky on water and made a dim atmosphere!!!!
You will be a famous photographer!!!!!
????? · 2009-02-27: 06:08
shonajean Cool set!
shonajean · 2009-02-27: 06:22
jennye really cool shots!!
jennye · 2009-02-27: 06:53
SerialGood omg, you killed him! so so so cruel ricky!
i gonna cry(((((((((
SerialGood · 2009-02-27: 06:57
wfrnk Very good! :-)
wfrnk · 2009-02-27: 09:11
mystic1 Good set for a cell cam Ricky
mystic1 · 2009-02-27: 13:30
Cabecilha AWESOME STUFF IN # 3 :)
Cabecilha · 2009-02-27: 14:39
brissia hahahah very cool
i like insects, they´re very interesting
once i was attack by ants!!! red big ones i though they were gonna eat me n a bee attacked my dog once, she felt so bad!!! well she´s a bit dramatic :P
brissia · 2009-02-27: 15:07
finbarr really great shots!! well done!!
finbarr · 2009-02-27: 16:24
widow I afraid inscets! hahaha
photos are great as always!
widow · 2009-02-27: 16:52
????? Your photos bandwagon, guy :))

I like tha last one (right side)... it seems like it smiles ;o)
????? · 2009-02-27: 18:15
photogp oh that's so interesting!!
photogp · 2009-02-27: 21:12
mverellen how creepy.. those insects are crazy!
mverellen · 2009-02-28: 00:22
hoshp Wow, amazing set. Very informative also. Great job.
hoshp · 2009-02-28: 14:44
????? cool shots, great
????? · 2009-02-28: 17:16
mollylips hehehhe this is Pływak Żółtobrzeżek :D
mollylips · 2009-03-02: 15:47
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